Spectrum 23 Done! Sent to the Printer!

Hi, everyone,

Spectrum 23 is wrapped up and has been sent to the printer. In the past I had finished the book by July 1st, but this year took me ten extra days to complete due to some extra design work and new ideas I implemented. I want the book to continually evolve and grow with each year. I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Spectrum-23-HB-jacket-FleskHere’s the hardcover jacket design for Spectrum 23. This is last part of the book that I worked on, which is one of my favorite things to design.

On the front cover we have “The Year of the Ram” by Android Jones.
The back cover features “Behind the Veil” by Julie Bell.
The back flap highlights “Cathy’s Ghost” by Laurie Lee Brom.
The front flap showcases “What Lies Beneath” by Miranda Meeks.

There are also a number of fresh quotes that I would like to thank the following artists for providing: Marc Scheff, Terryl Whitlatch, Virginie Ropars, John Picacio, Jeffrey Alan Love, Victo Ngai, and The Shifflet Brothers.

Spectrum 23 comes out this fall. It can be pre-ordered at a special price direct from the Flesk website here.



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