Spectrum 21 Awards Ceremony Pictures

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The Spectrum 21 Awards were held on May 10 at Kansas City’s historic Midland Theater. The silver and gold Spectrum awards for the eight categories were announced as was the 2014 Grand Master award recipient. Enjoy this batch of pictures giving you a glimpse into the evening.

All Photographs by Sampsel Preston Photography for Spectrum Fantastic Art © 2014

SFAL-138John Fleskes opening the evening.


SFAL-140John English announcing the advertising award recipients.


SFAL-146Allen Spiegel receives the gold award on behalf of Kent Williams in the advertising category.


SFAL-153Craig Elliot and friend have entered the building.


SFAL-154Scott Gustafson accepting a silver award in the book category.


SFAL-155Frank Cho had the audience laughing with his off-the-cuff antics while he announced the comic award recipients.


SFAL-161Gregory Manchess, Kristine and Collin Poole.


SFAL-162The ever-stoked Greg Spalenka.


SFAL-164Mark A. Nelson giving his acceptance speech for his silver award in the comic category.


SFAL-179Paul Tobin, the perfect person for handing out concept art awards.


SFAL-186Bill Carmen (center) hams it up with friends.


SFAL-189 SFAL-196 SFAL-213 SFAL-214 SFAL-231Jarrod and Brendan Schiflett receive the gold award in the dimensional category.




SFAL-253Corey and Erin Godbey, Justin Gerard, Annie Stegg-Gerard, Carolina Cooney and Paul Bonner


SFAL-254Tran Nguyen gave one of the most touching acceptance speeches of the night in receiving  her gold award in the editorial category.


SFAL-270Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books entertaining the crowd while handing out the institutional awards.


SFAL-284Looking dapper, Dan dos Santos (right) with friend.



SFAL-285Justin Sweet receiving the silver institutional award.


SFAL-294Bill Carmen receiving the gold for the institutional category.


SFAL-301Orbit books director, Lauren Panepinto, adds color to the evening as she announces the unpublished awards.


SFAL-312-COmar Rayyan receives the gold award in the unpublished category.


SFAL-315Arnie and Kathy Fenner announce the 2014 Grand Master award.


SFAL-320Iain McCaig giving his acceptance speech for the Grand Master award.


SFAL-334Iain McCaig celebrating with friends after receiving his award.



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