Notes From the Shadowed City by Jeffrey Alan Love: Original Art Edition!

Notes-blurbsHi, everyone,

Update: Trade edition now available for pre-order.

I’ve posted the $24.95 hardcover trade edition of Notes From the Shadowed City by Jeffrey Alan Love on the Flesk website for pre-order. I talked to Jeff today and he has agreed to include a unique signed 5 x 7 inch print with this edition.

You can learn more here.

Update: Sold Out in 11 hours. Thank you!

We have a special treat for you today. Jeffrey Alan Love has produced 100 original paintings that come with his Notes From the Shadowed City Original Art Edition!

There are only 100 copies available. Each copy includes an original piece of art by Love. The paintings were completed using acrylic and ink on 5 x 6 inch stonehenge paper. Each painting is unique and different at approximately 4 x 5 inches.

In addition, the book comes with a 5 x 7 inch print. Both the print and book will be signed and numbered. Watch the video to see the 100 originals.

Order at the Flesk website here:



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New Mark Schultz Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Hi, everyone,

Our latest Kickstarter campaign is now live. This one features two books by Mark Schultz. The first is his latest art book Carbon 2, which collects his most recent work into a single volume. The second book is for an oversized limited edition of his Storms at Sea book. Both titles can be pre-ordered using our Kickstarter campaign. We have free bonus items, free shipping in the U.S. and stretch goals in place for more upgrades and bonus items as the campaign grows.

Here’s the Kickstarter link:

Carbon 2 is done, while we will be designing the deluxe Storms at Sea this month.

Thanks for taking a look.



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Spectrum 23 Awards Ceremony Pictures and Story

Hello, everyone,

The Spectrum 23 Awards Ceremony was held on May 7, 2016 at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. The following thirty pictures with captions represent a visual journal of the evening.

A special thank you to the presenters, everyone at the Society of illustrators who assisted with the event and to everyone who joined us during the evening.

Also, our utmost gratitude goes to Colin and Kristine Poole for once again making the original bronze Spectrum Muse awards. They are stunning to see in person!

Unless otherwise noted, most of these photographs were taken by our volunteer for the evening, Brian Britigan, who was recommended by Dan dos Santos and Sam Weber. Thank you so much gentlemen!


The legendary artists Vincent di Fate (at left) and Michael Whelan talk prior to the event starting.


Cathy Fenner with Arnie Fenner (center) and Dave Palumbo (right). Dave was the single representative from the Spectrum 23 jury present that evening.


One of my favorite illustrators and Spectrum 21 Call for Entries poster artist, Victo Ngai talks with Donato Giancola.


Arnie Fenner (left) and Cathy Fenner with me, John Fleskes, prior to the event starting.


Marc Scheff entertains as the awards ceremony is about to begin.


Here, I open the Spectrum Awards ceremony by talking about the importance of the Spectrum community and its open door policy, why artists are my heroes, paying compliments to the Spectrum 23 jury and introduce Colin and Kristine Poole to present the Rising Star Award.


Kristine and Colin Poole present the Spectrum Rising Star Award to new emerging artist who has shown an exceptional ability. Colin and Kristine conceived this award and I gave them my blessing to incorporate it into the Spectrum awards. This year the recognition went to Victor Maury.


Victo Ngai presenting the Advertising category and revealing the silver and gold recipients.


Nico Delort at the podium giving his acceptance speech for receiving the Spectrum Gold Award in the Advertising category.


Art director for Orbit Books, Lauren Panepinto presenting the Book Awards category.


Senior editor at Abrams ComicArts and Spectrum Advisory Board member, Charles Kochman presents the Comic category awards.


Dan dos Santos accepting on behalf of Nic Klein for his Silver Award in the Comics category for “Drifter.”


The science fiction illustrator, Vincent di Fate presents the awards for the Concept Art category.

Spectrum23-awards-pic-14Cathy and Arnie Fenner pause to reflect on those we lost in 2015 as well as to pay tribute to Kim Kincaid who passed away recently. This was a very touching part of the ceremony which included a short video.

In the lower middle is the technician Steve Compton who helped immensely by running the videos throughout the evening. Thanks Steve!


Nine time Spectrum award winner, Donato Giancola continued the ceremony by presenting the Dimensional category awards.


The art director for Asset International, SooJin Buzelli was our presenter for the Editorial category awards.


Artist and entrepreneur, Marc Scheff lent his excellent speaking skills to presenting the Institutional category awards.


Dave Palumbo was in attendance to present the Institutional Silver Award to his mother, Julie Bell. A highlight of the evening, especially with mother’s day being the next day.


The amazing Julie Bell during her acceptance speech.


The publisher of Baby Tattoo Books and long time friend of Spectrum, Bob Self offered his exceptional stage presence while presenting the Unpublished category awards.


Artist Rob Rey during his acceptance speech for receiving the Gold award in the Unpublished category.


Rebecca Guay, who is one of the most respected artists in the industry, honored us by presenting the Spectrum Grand Master Award to Mike Mignola.


Rebecca Guay as she invited Mike Mignola up on the stage.


Mike Mignola giving his acceptance speech for joining the ranks of a Spectrum Grand Master.


As the awards ceremony came to a close, a group of us gathered for a picture on stage. From left to right: Bob Self, Julie Bell, Donato Giancola, Arnie Fenner, Cathy Fenner, Nico Delort, Mike Mignola, Charles Kochman, Richard Pini and John Fleskes.


Mike Mignola during the after party showing off his custom made one of a kind bronze Grand Master Award made by Colin and Kristine Poole. Everyone wanted to talk with Mike and get a picture with him. Mike hasn’t quite figured out what an inspiration he is to the community at large. He’s humble that way.


Overview shot of the after party on the third floor of the Society of Illustrators. In the far back you can see the original Normal Rockwell painting hanging above the bar.


My dear friend and mentor (along with Cathy) and Spectrum co-founder, Arnie Fenner during the after party. Picture by John Fleskes.

Spectrum23-awards-pic-29Micheal Whelan, Donato Giancola and Arnie Fenner enjoying the after party. Picture by John Fleskes.


Colin Poole with Dimensional category nominee Patrick Masson. Patrick flew in from France and brought his original work “The Blind Death” that was nominated for everyone to view. Amazing! Picture by John Fleskes.

Thanks again to everyone who came. This event takes weeks to prepare, but it is one of the best moments of the year. I’ll see you at the awards ceremony in Kansas City next year!



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Spectrum 23 Awards Recipients!

Spectrum-23-cover-webFor 23 years Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art has been celebrating imaginative works by creators from around the world. During a ceremony in New York City Saturday night, May 7th, the celebration continued with the presentation of Gold and Silver Awards for exemplary art from the previous year in eight categories: Advertising, Book, Comics, Concept Art, Dimensional, Editorial, Institutional, and Unpublished. The ceremony was held in the historic Society of Illustrators carriage house in midtown Manhattan and presided over by Spectrum’s Director and publisher, John Fleskes. Presenters included such luminaries of the art community as Soojin Buzelli, Vincent Di Fate, Donato Giancola, Rebecca Guay, Charlie Kochman, Lauren Panepinto, Victo  Ngaio, Marc Scheff, and Bob Self. Spectrum co-founders Cathy and Arnie Fenner introduced a memorial video devoted to the creatives who had passed away in the previous year.

The 5 finalists and award-recipients in each category were selected by a blue-ribbon jury consisting of David Palumbo [artist], Cynthia Sheppard [artist/art director], Kirk Thatcher [director/producer/SFX artist], Charlie Wen [game designer], and Terryl Whitlatch [concept artist/film designer] from over 5000 artworks submitted to the twenty-third annual competition. Also presented at the ceremony were the Rising Star Award, created and presented by sculptors Kristine and Colin Poole and intended to encourage a young artist, and the Spectrum Grand Master Award which honors the career accomplishments of a living artist. This year’s recipient was legendary comics creator Mike Mignola, who was present to accept his award and say a few words to the audience.

The award-winning art will appear with nearly 500 other pieces selected by the judges in the Spectrum 23 book, which will be published by Flesk Publications in November.

Spectrum 23 Awards Recipients

Mike Mignola


Silver Award
Joseph Qiu / “24 Hour Movie Marathon”

Gold Award
Nico Delort / “The Blessing of Athena”

Other nominees:
Bartosz Kosowski / “Discworld”
Colin Poole / “Vishnu’s Third Avatar”
Andrew Thompson / “Glitch”


Silver Award
Karla Ortiz / “Sorcerer of the Wildeeps”

Gold Award
Rovina Cai / “Tom, Thom”

Other nominees:
Chris Ayers  /”Munchasaurus Rex”
Annie Stegg Gerard / “Renard and the Strawberries”
Donato Giancola / “Vesuvius”


Silver Award
Nic Klein / “Drifter”

Gold Award
Daren Bader / “Tribes of Kai, page 41”

Other nominees:
Gael Bertrand / “Island #4 cover”
Tyler Crook / “Harrow County #1 cover”
Paolo Rivera / “Hellboy 1953”


Silver Award
Te Hu / “Journey to West”

Gold Award
Vance Kovacs / “King Louie’s Court”

Other nominees:
Mirko Failoni / “The Mushroom Forest”
Seth Rutledge / “Window View”
Bayard Wu / “Dragon Island”


Silver Award
Thomas Kuebler / “Adelpha and Her Sister”

Gold Award
Forest Rogers / “The Morrigan”

Other nominees:
Akihito / “Death Wings”
Patrick Masson / “The Blind Death”
Dug Stanat / “Meeting Master Jones”


Silver Award
Chris Seaman / “Family Portraithausen: A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen”

Gold Award
Tran Nguyen/”Traveling To a Distant Day”

Other nominees:
Donato Giancola / “Empathy”
Greg Ruth / “Finnegan’s Field”
Sam Weber / “The Language of Knives”


Silver Award
Julie Bell / “Behind the Veil”

Gold Award
Tyler Jacobson / “Exalted Angel”

Other nominees:
Wesley Burt / “Natural Connection”
Bill Carman / “Medieval Batman”
Te Hu / “Offering”


Silver Award
Wayne Haag / “Dust Devil”

Gold Award
Rob Rey / “Bioluminescence”

Other nominees:
Dragan Bibin / “Pull”
Jaemin Kim / “King Under the Mountain”
Greg Opalinski / “Initiate”


Victor Maury

Other nominees:
J.A.W. Cooper
Yoann Lossel


Mike Mignola



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The Spectrum Awards Ceremony is this Saturday!

Spectrum-23-cover-webThe Spectrum Awards Ceremony is this Saturday!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tickets to the Spectrum 23 Awards Ceremony May 7th are now available. Tickets are FREE but are required to get a seat—and seating is limited. If you don’t need a chair or are content to hang out in the upstairs bar while the awards are presented, a ticket isn’t necessary and you are absolutely welcome to attend and help celebrate the accomplishments of our community.
Doors open at 6:00pm, ceremony begins at 7:00pm.
See you in New York!

I’ll post the recipients here on Sunday. Good luck to everyone!



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