How we approach reproducing Mark Schultz’s artwork

Have you ever wondered how Mark Schultz and I approach the artwork reproduction for the Various Drawings series? It’s fairly simple. He has a specific way he would like his work showcased. This makes my job easy. I know the exact look he wants, and it follows my tastes as well.

You’ll notice the brush and ink pieces are printed without the paper showing and are very clean. The stock Mark uses for these finished works has little or no texture. The pencil pieces, drawn on a stock with character to them, are shown with the paper. This is a conscience decision on our part. We both like to see the grit of the paper. This technique, we feel, allows an individual to view the artwork as if they are holding the original.

Both Schultz and myself are excited to be wrapping up Various Drawings Volume Three at the moment. New to this volume are a handful of color works. Many incredible preliminaries are included as well. It will offer a whole new perspective to Schultz’s work, not seen in the previous two volumes. You can view sample images and the full book description on the Flesk Publications website. It will be available August 1, 2007.