Spectrum 25 Awards Recipients!

The Spectrum 25 awards. Backstage, moments before the ceremony began. Designed by J. Anthony Kosar, and made by him and the Kosart Effects team.

For 25 years Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art has been celebrating imaginative works by creators from around the world. During a ceremony in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, May 5, 2018, the celebration continued with the presentation of Gold and Silver Awards for exemplary art in eight categories: Advertising, Book, Comics, Concept Art, Dimensional, Editorial, Institutional, and Unpublished. The ceremony was held in the historic Brookledge Theater and presided over by Spectrum’s Director and publisher, John Fleskes. Presenters included such luminaries of the art community as Alina Chau, Craig Elliott, Te Hu, Tim O’Brien, Iain McCaig, Brynn Metheney, Karla Ortiz, Colin and Kristine Poole, William Stout, Paul Sullivan. Spectrum co-founder Arnie Fenner introduced a memorial video devoted to the creatives who had passed away in the previous year. Bob Self served as the master of ceremonies during the evening.

Congratulations to all of the awards recipients!

Spectrum 2018 Grand Master
Claire Wendling

Spectrum 2018 Rising Star
Miranda Meeks


Gold Award
Greg Ruth

Silver Award
Laurel Blechman
ComicBase 2018


Gold Award
Victo Ngai
Serving Fish

Silver Award
Petar Meseldžija
The Old Man and the Forest


Gold Award
Alex Alice
Castle in the Stars book 2 pages 60-61

Silver Award
Gary Gianni
Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea page 11

Concept Art

Gold Award
Wangjie Li
Battlefield Scene

Silver Award
Anthony Francisco
Okoye and Nakia the Dora Milaje


Gold Award
Forest Rogers
Octopoid Descending

Silver Award
Jessica Dalva
I’ll Need Entire Cities to Replace You


Gold Award
Edward Kinsella III
My Whereabouts

Silver Award
Tim O’Brien
“Nothing to See Here”


Gold Award
Seb McKinnon

Silver Award
Piotr Jabłoński
Moaning Wall


Gold Award
Andrew Hem

Silver Award
Michael MacRae
Tip of the Spear

Congratulations again to all of the recipients!


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