June 2024 Flesk Book Updates

Hi, everyone,

We had a nice time visiting with William Stout, Bruce Timm, and Allen and Vicki Williams recently in Southern California. We met with all of them to say hello and to go over upcoming projects. Updates on each artist can be found below, along with some details on more upcoming titles.

William Stout

We have numerous books in the works with Bill. We are getting close to finishing his massive three volume William Stout Comics set. The three books come to over 750 pages combined. Volume one and two are designed. Volume three is mapped out and just needs to have the design finalized. We don’t have a release date set yet. We’ll be sure to make a big announcement when we are ready to start taking pre-orders. We also have The Playing Card Art of William Stout two volume set completely done. This set will be released sometime in the future.

Bruce Timm

We also have numerous new books in the works with Bruce Timm. We’re not ready to announce what any of them are yet. But trust us, you will be happy to hear what we will be releasing. The Big Tease and Naughty and Nice books will be reprinted in the future as well. A lot of B.T. is coming!

Allen Williams

What a joy it was to see Allen and Vicki. It was a delightful experience to work with the pair when we published Covenant: The Art of Allen Williams. We will have more books featuring Allen’s art in the future. Allen shared an idea with us that we are eager to support him with and publish.

Jeffrey Allen Love

Jeff’s new book, The Last Battle at the End of the World, is in the final stages of its design. Our goal is to launch a Kickstarter for this new graphic novel in August. We will also reprint Notes From the Shadowed City and The Thousand Demon Tree at that time. We’re very excited to release this new book along with his previous titles.

Tran Nguyen

We have a new book of Tran’s studies that is close to being done. We will release this collection along with a new printing of her previous art book collection, Ambedo.

Gary Gianni

The updated trade edition of Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea art book by Mike Mignola (plot and script) and Gary Gianni (art and script) is coming! This collection goes into great detail about how this 49-page comic was made. We’ve introduced new insight and details that didn’t make it into the original edition. It has been a lot of fun retooling this book to hit a new audience. We’ll share more details in the coming months.

Mark Schultz

The all new edition of Portfolio by Mark Schultz is coming this August. We will begin to take pre-orders in July. The original printing back in 2015 was 272 pages. This new version is 432 pages at 7.5 x 10″!

Portfolio compiles the drawings found in the original five Various Drawings volumes as well as the cover illustrations and special bookplates. Plus, an additional 160 pages worth of material adds dozens of works not previously collected in the Various Drawings or Carbon books. Found within are nearly 450 fully rendered drawings executed in brush-and-ink, carbon or graphite pencil.



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