The Flesk Books June 2015 Update

Hi, everyone,

Here’s the latest scoop on all of our Flesk 2015 books that have just arrived, are coming soon, or are nearly finished.

BOG-cover-webThe Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija

We received our copies of The Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija at our Flesk warehouse. We’ve been working hard to pack all of our Kickstarter pledges and pre-orders. Over 200 packages have been shipped so far with many more going out soon. We’re doing our best to get the books delivered to everyone as fast as possible.

The book turned out amazingly well. The printing and the extra production details that were made available by our Kickstarter supporters, such as the extra gold spot color on the trade edition dustjacket and the improved binding and slipcase for the deluxe, have allowed us to make the premium book that we wanted to see.

The trade edition and deluxe editions are available now direct from our Flesk online store. The trade edition will be available through the book trade toward the end of July. The deluxe can only be purchased direct from us. (Order here.)

We will bring copies along to the San Diego Comic-Con International. Our Flesk booth number is 5019. We hope to see you there where you can peruse the book in person and see how terrific it came out!

Storms-at-Sea-by-Mark-Schultz-webStorms at Sea by Mark Schultz

The trade edition has arrived with us! We are thrilled to have Storms at Sea by Mark Schultz. At only $24.95, this hardcover collection features 32 full page Wolf pencil pieces with 32 pages of accompanying story pages. New spot drawings were also completed by Schultz. (Order here.)

You can purchase this book now through our Flesk website or pick it up from our Flesk booth #5019 at Comic-Con International next month, or wait to get it from your favorite retailer through the book trade on August 1st. Mark Schultz will be making an appearance each day at our Comic-Con booth. He will have many of his Storms at Sea originals at the show for purchase, too. This is a rare opportunity to obtain a unique piece from this beautiful book.

We are planning on a premium oversized deluxe edition that will be signed and limited to 500 copies. This will be available in late 2015. Why the delay? It’s simple, we are busy wrapping up five new titles that need to completed in the next month. After the summer we can concentrate on this special edition.
Mark-Schultz-Portfolio-Complete-webPortfolio by Mark Schultz

Portfolio is done and in transit to our Flesk warehouse. The deluxe edition is a stunner! Housed within a slipcase with cloth quarter-binding, with a bonus signature page, this book is limited to only 500 copies. Much larger than the original volumes, this collection has had all of the artwork prepared from scratch for a brilliant new collection. The deluxe is $100.00 and the trade edition only $50.00. Order now from our Flesk website and get a pre-order price. As soon as they arrive in our warehouse the pre-order price will go away. (Order here.)

We are told that Portfolio should arrive just in time for Comic-Con International where we will have it available at our Flesk booth #5019. The best part is that Mark Schultz will be with us during the duration of the show to sign copies.

The deluxe edition will only be available to purchase direct form Flesk. The trade edition will also be available through the book trade and can be found at your favorite book or comic store in August.

carman-cover-webImagery From the Bird’s Home: The Art of Bill Carman

This is nearly done! This book should only take another few days of design work to finalize the few pages still needing to be completed. Bill Carman designed this book himself and he has done a stunning job. There is a fun balance between his sketches, preliminaries and finished pieces. We will send it to the printer soon and keep you updated. (Order here.)

Nexus-Chronicles-cover-webThe Nexus Chronicles by Steve Rude

As with the Bill Carman book, this collection is nearly done. Only a few pages are left to design prior to being sent to the printer. Many of our favorite Nexus stories appear here direct from the original art. This has taken years to put together. Tracking down all of the artwork was a lot of work, but well worth the time. I’ll give a full report on this title once it has been completed. (Order here.)

TOK-cover-webThe Tribes of Kai by Lance HaunRogue and Daren Bader

Done and at the printer! With the proofs being approved and with Lance and Daren having signed the signature page, this collection is currently being printed and bound. It should be off the press by the end of this month and on schedule to be shipped to our warehouse in early July. It’s looking terrific. Thanks to our Kickstarter supporters there have been many production additions making this a handsome collection. Both editions are available for pre-order on the Flesk website. (Order here.)

Pridelands Cover.inddPridelands by Lance HaunRogue and Daren Bader

Limited to only 500 copies, this was made possible by our Kickstarter supporters. This collects the original art boards by Daren Bader and the original script by Lance HaunRogue from the original 1990s version into a unique behind the scenes look. It’s the perfect supplement to Tribes of Kai and serves as a standalone book that is enjoyable in itself. This is available for pre-order now on the Flesk website. (Order here.)

Art-of-Elfquest-webThe Art of Elfquest by Wendy and Richard Pini

I love this book! This collection is 304 pages of material taken direct from the Pini original art archives. From covers to holiday cards, you will find every bit of rare and special work with many captions and annotations by Wendy and Richard.

At this time, the artwork has been finalized and positioned on the pages. The captions are being written. Once the writing is done, the designing stage will progress and should be wrapped up by August 1st. (Order here.)

Spectrum-22-cover_webSpectrum 22: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

This book is written and in the final design stages. I’m working around the clock to have this delivered to the printer prior to leaving for the San Diego Comic-Con. This book is a lot of fun to put together. It’s right on schedule for its fall release. (Order here.)

Arthur-Adams-Monsters-Attack-cover-webArthur Adams Monster’s Attack!!!

Surprise! This is the first time that I’ve mentioned this book. It is done and at the printer. We will debut it at our Flesk booth #5019 at Comic-Con. This 48 page paperback collection will be only $20.00 and is filled with the type of monsters themes that Arthur Adams excels at. We will have them available for purchase from our Flesk site soon! Only 1000 copies will be available and can only be purchased direct from us. This will not be found in stores.

Surrender-my-sweet-Bruce-timm-cover-webSurrender, My Sweet by Bruce Timm

This all-new 64 page digest sized paperback collection will premiere at our Flesk booth #5019 at Comic-Con! Bruce has created a full range of new stunning and beautiful nudes. Only 1000 copies have been made and this will only be available direct from Flesk. We will have this $25.00 collection available on our website soon.

Flesk-SB-all-coverBlank Sketchbooks

We have produced a set of blank sketchbooks with covers by your favorite artists. These are done and shipping to our warehouse now. They are supposed to arrive with us just in time to take to Comic-Con to have available at our Flesk booth #5019. We have these available on our Flesk website for pre-order. (Order here.)

Thanks, everyone. As you can tell, it’s time to get back to work to wrap up more books!



John Fleskes

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Tribes of Kai and Pridelands by Daren Bader and Lance HaunRogue at the Printer!

Pridelands Cover.indd TOK-cover-webHello, all,

We’ve sent  Tribes of Kai and Pridelands off to the printer. We continue to be on schedule with the book for its August release date.

I’d like to provide some insight into just how busy we have been while working on these two books. What went from a simple story collection, both Tribes of Kai and Pridelands kept growing and expanding. Bonus art was added, sketches and new paintings by Daren were created, Lance added to and improved the text, original artwork was rescanned, Daren went in and color corrected the art further, the book designs kept improving, the Flesk team jumped in to help, and we had three people go through and proof the book and run final checks before packaging up the books and sending them to the printer. Then I went in and worked with the printer to explore various types of packaging and settled on the papers, binding and slipcase materials–all while consulting with Daren and Lance. These two collections were far and away much more elaborate than we had predicted.

In total, seven individuals had a hand in getting key aspects of the book taken care of. And we aren’t forgetting our Kickstarter supporters, since without their early support, these bonus features and upgrades would not have been possible.

At the moment the book is out of our hands as the printer has taken on their role in printing and binding the book. This should continue over the course of this month, then we expect to see our sample copy around July 1st. Then they ship the bulk shipment with our copies expected in late July. We will begin shipping our Kickstarter pre-orders immediately upon their arrival.

The deluxe edition and Pridelands, both limited to only 500 copies, will only be available direct from Flesk for the time being.

We’ll have another update by early July. For those making Comic-Con International in San Diego, Flesk will have a booth with Daren and Lance making signing appearances. We hope to meet some of you there.

Thanks again everyone!



John Fleskes

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Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 Pictures!

Hi, everyone,

We had an amazing time at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event in Kansas City, Missouri from May 22-24, 2015. I’ll be writing about the show soon, but for now enjoy these pictures from the show. Thanks to everyone who came!

SFAL2015-1 SFAL2015-2 SFAL2015-4 SFAL2015-9 SFAL2015-17 SFAL2015-20 SFAL2015-25 SFAL2015-27 SFAL2015-28 SFAL2015-29 SFAL2015-31 SFAL2015-33 SFAL2015-35 SFAL2015-36 SFAL2015-44 SFAL2015-46 SFAL2015-57 SFAL2015-59 SFAL2015-61 SFAL2015-68 SFAL2015-74 SFAL2015-77 SFAL2015-83 SFAL2015-85 SFAL2015-91 SFAL2015-93 SFAL2015-99 SFAL2015-107 SFAL2015-108 SFAL2015-109 SFAL2015-114 SFAL2015-123 SFAL2015-125 SFAL2015-129 SFAL2015-134 SFAL2015-141 SFAL2015-144



John Fleskes

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