“Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method” Filming A Wrap

The film crew has wrapped up the shooting of the footage for our Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method companion video for our Kickstarter supporters. It’s off to the editing and effects team now. It’s right on schedule for an October release.

Cho-Video-filmingHere’s a picture that I took of Frank while he was prepping for his introductory talk. We also did a photo shoot for a series of pictures that will be included in the book. Frank is easy to photograph. He’s photogenic, comfortable in front of the camera and he likes to perform, which made for great shots.

The rest of this week will be spent wrapping up Spectrum 21 and Frank’s book. I’ll have a lot of pictures and updates for you after the books are sent to the printer.



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Text and photograph copyright © 2014 John Fleskes. Artwork copyright © Frank Cho. All Rights reserved.


5 Replies to ““Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method” Filming A Wrap”

  1. Um, well, that will be the second video for the latest Kickstarter project backers.
    What is the update with the closed-caption for Mark Schultz: Carbon which I hope wasn’t overlooked.

    1. Hi Nicholas,

      I would love to find someone who can add closed-caption to our Schultz demonstration video. As I let you know earlier, the person who promised to make it happen for our Kickstarter video ended up not being able to pull it off. I keep asking video crews with no luck so far and as soon as I find someone who can do it, I’ll still make it happen.


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