Spectrum 25 Awards Ceremony at the Brookledge Theater!

The Spectrum 25 Awards Ceremony will be held on May 5th at the historic Brookledge Theater in Los Angeles. The Brookledge is a magical landmark that is home to the Brookledge Follies. A special thanks to Erika Larson for allowing us to use the theater, and to Bob Self for making this a possibility.

Seat are limited to 70 people. A reservation is required to attend. There is no cost, however, you will need to contact Kathy at orders@fleskpublications.com to get your name on the list. Seats will be held for Spectrum 25 award nominees and their guests, presenters, and those who are included in the book. We wish we could invite everyone, but we can’t go beyond the 70 person capacity.

It’s going to be a magical evening. We look forward to seeing you there!


Spectrum 25 Artist List!

The complete list of artist names selected for inclusion into the twenty-fifth volume of Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art is now available!

The five member jury selected over 450 works works by 270 artists that will make up Spectrum 25. These creators that work in every style and medium–both traditional and digital–represent the finest in the fantasy, horror, science fiction and the surreal genres from around the world. You will find top industry names who serve as the current definition of excellence and discover the rising stars who are being published for the first time.

Individual emails to those artists accepted will begin to go out this week. Full details regarding the next steps will be provided.

From everyone here at the Spectrum and Flesk offices, we would like to thank all of the artists who submitted to Spectrum 25. We couldn’t do what we do without your support. This includes putting out the Spectrum annual each year, organizing and running the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event, putting on the Spectrum Awards Ceremony where we hand out the Spectrum awards, and making the artist feature videos that we post online. You have our most sincere gratitude. Thank you!


Samuel Alexander
Alex Alice
Even Amundsen
Kaare Andrews
Samuel Araya
Tommy Arnold

Daren Bader
Scott Bakal
Anna and Elena Balbusso
John Barry Ballaran
Jeremy Bastian
Eric Belisle
Julie Bell
Jamie Beswarick
Ed Binkley
Steven Russell Black
Laurel Blechman
Paul Bonner
Zoltan Boros
Noah Bradley
Alix Branwyn
Andy Brase
Kaitlin Brasfield
David Brasgalla
Laurie Lee Brom
Thomas Buchanan
William Bullas
Kirt Burdick
Mike Burns
Wesley Burt

Rovina Cai
Julian Callos
Antonio Caparo
Bill Carman
Kai Carpenter
Sidharth Chaturvedi
Lynn Chen
Jedd Chevrier
Ian Jun Wei Chiew
Bobby Chiu
Frank Cho
Dan Chudzinski
Chris Cold
Iris Compiet
J.A.W. Cooper

Maryam Dadkhah
Jessica Dalva
Alayna Danner
Galen Dara
Xaviere Daumarie
Cameron Scott Davis
Olivia De Berardinis
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
Nicolas Delort
Camilla d’Errico
Eric Deschamps
Peter de Sève
Peter Diamond
Allan Diego Carrasco
John Anthony DiGiovanni
Daxue Ding
Anna Dittmann
Daniel Dociu
Terry Dodson
Simon Dominic
Alex Dos Diaz
Dan dos Santos
Lee Dotson
Allen Douglas
Chris Dunn

Ejiwa Ebenebe
Jesper Ejsing
Ahmed Eljohani
Craig Elliott
Micah Epstein

Lisa Falkenstern
Patrick Faricy
Jared Fiorino
Scott Fischer
Torgeir Fjereide
Cam Floyd
Thomas Fluharty
Anthony Francisco

Randy Gallegos
Annie Stegg Gerard
Justin Gerard
Donato Giancola
Gary Gianni
Erik Gist
Cory Godbey
Aad Goudappel
Lucas Graciano
David Greco
Johan Grenier
Shreya Gupta
James Gurney
Scott Gustafson

Wayne Haag
Sheri Hansen
Emily Hare
Joel Harlow
Jie He(Mona)
Andrew Hem
Alex Herrerias
Tom Herzberg
Cleonique Hilsaca
Chris Hong
Sijia Hong
Ralph Horsley
John Howe
Te Hu

Piotr Jabłoński
Tomasz Jedruszek
Bruce Jensen
Kellan Jett
Android Jones

Sina Pakzad Kasra
Nick Keller
MJ Kim
Edward Kinsella III
Ki “Gawki” Kline
Djamila Knopf
Julian Kok Joon Wen
Alex Konstad
J. Anthony Kosar
Bartosz Kosowski
Sebastian Kowoll
Maxim Kozhevnikov
Thomas Kuebler
Isabella Kung
Anita Kunz

Lius Lasahido
Stephanie Law
Olly Lawson
Ronan Le Fur
Dong Lee
Vanessa Lemen
Matthew Lewis
Wangjie Li
Carlyn Lim
Andrzejowiczek Lipczynski
Yoann Lossel
Tula Lotay
Travis Louie
Jeffrey Alan Love
Ashly Lovett
Howard Lyon

Michael MacRae
Serena Malyon
Gregory Manchess
Slawomir Maniak
Qiuxin Mao
Patrick Masson
Gina Matarazzo
Victor Maury
Mike Mayhew
Iain McCaig
Seb McKinnon
Miranda Meeks
Gustavo Mendonca
Eddie Mendoza
Neeraj Menon
Marcel Mercado
Petar Meseldžija
Goni Montes
Sean Murray
Muhammad Mustafa

Keith Negley
Mark A. Nelson
Victo Ngai
Tran Nguyen
Cliff Nielsen
Vojislav Nikcevic
Othon Nikolaidis
Marcel Nowotny

Tim O’Brien
William O’Connor
Caitlin Ono

Roberto Padula
John Jude Palencar
Anthony Palumbo
David Palumbo
Ryan Pancoast
Lucio Parrillo
Das Pastoras
Christian Pearce
John Petersen
Alessandra Pisano
Roberto Pitturru
Stephen Player
David Plunkert
Colin and Kristine Poole
Dope Pope
George Pratt
Steve Prescott
Theo Prins

Tu Qianwen
Colleen Quint

Chris Rahn
Omar Rayyan
Rob Rey
Wayne Reynolds
Sylvia Ritter
Paolo Rivera
Forest Rogers
Virginie Ropars
Steve Rude
Greg Ruth
James Ryman

Leonardo Santamaria
Dominick Saponaro
Marc Scheff
Inka Schulz
Chris Seaman
Arantza Sestayo
Cynthia Sheppard
Hayden Sherman
Yuko Shimizu
James Shoop
Andrew Sides
Carmen Sinek
Andrew Sonea
Dug Stanat
Raymond Swanland

Bryan Mark Taylor
Marco Teixeira
Daria Theodora
Heather Theurer
Jesse Thompson
Cory Trego
Robbie Trevino
Anthony Trujillo
Josh Tufts

Jumpei Umeki
Roch Urbaniak

David Vargo
Eric Velhagen
Beatriz Martin Vidal
Olivier Villoingt
Raoul Vitale
Adam Volker
Tim Von Rueden

Jordan K. Walker
Russell Walks
Zhengyi Wang
Jason Ward
Sarah Webb
Sam Weber
David Wenzel
Taylor Wessling
Terryl Whitlatch
Joe Whyte
Allen Williams
Erica Williams
Jeremy Wilson
Rafal Wojtunik
Bayard Wu

Tianhua X

Joy Yang
Kieran Yanner
Rebecca Yanovskaya
Chie Yoshii

Valentin Zak
Amir Zand
Ruoxin Zhang
Mark Zug
Kaitlund Zupanic

Spectrum 25 Awards Nominations

The jury for Spectrum 25: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art has nominated the top five artworks in eight categories for consideration for either a silver and gold award. Judges Terry Dodson, Tyler Jacobson, Tran Nguyen, Karla Ortiz and Chuck Pyle debated the merits of hundreds of pieces of art before finalizing this list on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at the Flesk Publications offices in Santa Cruz, California.

Established in 1993 by Cathy and Arnie Fenner, the first Spectrum annual appeared in 1994 from Underwood Books; for a quarter of a century it has attracted participants from around the world and has set the standards for excellence in fantasy and science fiction art. John Fleskes became the Director and Publisher of Spectrum in 2014 with volume 21.

The recipients will be announced at the Spectrum 25 Awards Ceremony that will be held at the historic Brookledge Theater in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, May 5, 2018. The 2018 Spectrum Grand Master Award honoree will also be announced during the ceremony.

For more information about Spectrum visit: http://www.spectrumfantasticart.com

Congratulations to all of the artists who have been nominated!


Laurel Blechman
ComicBase 2018

The Night Mare

Victo Ngai
Mixc World Launch

Greg Ruth

Yuko Shimizu
SK-II Art of Travel packaging project: CHINA


Tommy Arnold
Red Rising


Wesley Burt
A Girl & Her Friends

Gregory Manchess
Above the Timberline, page 118–Heading Home

Petar Meseldzija
The Old Man and the Forest

Victo Ngai
Serving Fish


Alex Alice
Castle in the Stars, Book 2, pages 60-61

Xaviere Daumarie
Ugly Cinderwench and the Very Angry Ghost, page 3

Gary Gianni
Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea, page 11

Erik Gist

Paolo Rivera
Shirtless Bear Fighter #4, variant cover


Wesley Burt
Transformers 5 Autobot Design – ‘Canopy’

Anthony Francisco
Okoye and Nakia the Dora Milaje

Te Hu
Ganesh Gangis

Nick Keller
Geisha Interior (Ghost in the Shell)

Wangjie Li
Battlefield Scene


Statue of Peace

Jessica Dalva
I’ll Need Entire Cities to Replace You

Patrick Masson
Life and Death

Cthulhu 22 inch tall statue

Forest Rogers
Octopoid Descending


Edward Kinsella III
My Whereabouts

Yoann Lossel
The Rise

Victo Ngai
Sports Stopwatch

Tim O’Brien
Nothing to See Here

Yuko Shimizu
Unconventional Way


Piotr Jabłoński
Moaning Wall

Seb McKinnon

Victo Ngai
Three Color Trilogy: Blue

Chris Rahn
Vraska, Relic Seeker

Tianhua X
Dinosaur Hunter


Scott Bakal
Dim Stars: Firing Back

Andrew Hem

Howard Lyon
Ella Standing Between the Earth and Sky

Michael MacRae
Tip of the Spear

Iain McCaig
Star Wars Triptych

Congratulations again to all of the Spectrum 25 nominations!



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