Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 — Pictures and Stories Part 2 — The Show Book Group Signing

The six guests of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2, and a few contributors, joined us at the Flesk booth on Saturday from 2:00-3:15 for a big group commemorative book signing. I want to thank everyone who took part: Charles Vess, Jon Foster, Terryl Whitlatch, Peter de Sève, Michael Whelan, Tara McPherson, Greg Spalenka, George Pratt and Cathy & Arnie Fenner–and for being so giving of your time!

I took some pictures during the event. The captions fall under each picture.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-01Spectrum founders and show organizers, Cathy and Arnie Fenner, who wrote the introduction to the book, were able to take part.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-02Here’s George Pratt, who wrote the introduction to Jon Foster’s section. He’s an incredible painter and a pleasure to talk with.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-03Special guest, Tara McPherson, signing a copy of the book.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-04Michael Whelan–always in a good mood.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-05Peter de Sève was doing little drawings in the books.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-06Terryl Whitlatch, signing a copy of her book Animals: Real and Imagined. Fans were welcome to bring books from their personal collections to get signed, too.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-07Greg Spalenka, who wrote the introduction to Tara McPherson’s section, was kind enough to join in–to our delight.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-08Jon Foster, in good spirits whenever I saw him.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-09The legendary artist, Charles Vess.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-10This is a group shot from the vantage point of standing in line as you would round the corner to start getting your signatures and meeting the artists and writers.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-11Charles Vess was signing and doing quick drawings in the books.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-12Jon Foster adding a drawing for a lucky fan.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-13Terryl Whitlatch signing a show book.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-14Peter de Sève seemed to do a different drawing in each book. His creativity appears to be endless.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-15Michael Whelan signing the commemorative book. How would you like for this to be your copy!

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-16Tara McPherson signing a copy in her section. Her paintings are amazing. What a treat to have her in the book and as a guest.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-17Here’s a picture from the position as you are exiting the signing area.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-18And another picture as you are walking back and away from the Flesk booth.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-19This is a partial group shot form the middle of the line.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-20Charles Vess was drawing on the table plastic cover in-between signing books. I cut out and saved the drawing once the show was over. Charles let me know it would be OK to give it away to a lucky fan. We’re going to come up with some sort of a method to do so as a prize at the San Diego Comic-Con show.

Spectrum-FAL2-Flesk-book-signing-21Jonathan Leveck grabbed the camera as the signing was wrapping up and snapped this shot of Jon Foster and myself.

Thanks again to all of the artists, writers and to Cathy and Arnie Fenner for joining us for the group signing. I hope those that attended and those that participated had a great time!



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
text and pictures copyright © 2013 John Fleskes.

2 Replies to “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 — Pictures and Stories Part 2 — The Show Book Group Signing”

  1. More great stuff! Wow, what fantastic pictures. I am so glad there was the group signing, it was a treat to take home a signed copy of the SFAL commemorative book. Yet another great Flesk publication. And kudos on the choice of the cover image, it is so great.

    I look at these pictures and cannot help but think of great moments from the show. One being meeting the guy in the first image in the black and yellow shirt with the sunglasses on his head. He is a local guy who I met while manning John Picacio’s booth. He had his Picacio-covered Elric books with him and we got to talking before John arrived back at the booth. I saw him later in the show and he was ecstatic about getting a signed original piece of artwork from the Elric interiors John did. All through the weekend I met fans and artists alike who were thrilled about special things they picked up, special moments they had. It was as fun to experience their joy as it was to have my own memorable moments.

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