Back to the Office After Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2

SpectrumFAL2_OneSheetAfter driving 4041.6 miles through seven states (eight if you include my home state of California), I’m back from my road trip to and from the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 event in Kansas City, Missouri.

I was able to post two blogs from the road, and have a batch partially written which I’ll be sharing over the course of this next week. Topics I’ll cover are the Spectrum Awards, around the booths, the artist interviews we filmed, my thoughts about the show, and what the future holds for Spectrum now that the annual is transitioning into my hands. And, a brief bit about my journey halfway across the country and back.

I just sat down with Jonathan Leveck, who helped me at the Spectrum show, and James Walker, who ran our booth at the Big Wow ComicFest, for a full rundown of both events to see what went well and what we can improve upon for next year. We came up with some excellent ideas for the future.

At the moment we are fully engaged in catching up on emails and book orders, including mailing out all of the SFAL2 commemorative books. All should be shipped by Tuesday.

More soon!



John Fleskes
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