Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 — Pictures and Stories Part One

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 wrapped up Sunday evening. My video and still camera gear SD and CF cards are full of imagery, and my head is packed with stories to share. I’m making the long drive back home and will post short blog entries as I find moments at rest stops along the way. Once I’m settled back in the office I look forward to writing about the Spectrum transition and answering a batch of questions that I have found to be the most commonly asked.

I’ll start with an experience I had when meeting Dave Palumbo for the first time, which was last Friday. I was walking by his booth when a striking painting of his grabbed my attention. It was the original for Fed, which ended up receiving the Spectrum Gold Award the following evening. I was admiring the composition, uniqueness and execution of the piece, and then proceeded to view his other works. I let my eyes slowly migrate across the walls, then drift down to the table top. I saw a little gem of a personal painting that gave me pause–a lengthy one at that. I let Dave know it was my favorite piece of his on display. I was completely mesmerized by his use of negative space and brushwork.

Cut to Sunday evening when I was stopping by Jonathan Leveck’s hotel room. (The “Jonathan” who works for me, in case you didn’t know.) I looked over on his nightstand and guess what was sitting there? Dave’s little gem! After allowing my jealousy to subside, I complimented Jonathan on his fine taste and knew I had hired the right guy. (I knew before, but now I really knew.) I find these little moments, especially when piled on top of other memorable experiences, the core to what makes a show like Spectrum Fantastic Art Live so special.

Here are a few pictures that I took at the Flesk booth on Saturday.

Bill Carman
Bill Carman

Bill Carman utilized his time in-between talking with fans and fellow artists to finish a new commission. I first met Bill when we were both jury members for Spectrum 17. During our dinner after a long day of casting votes and debating awards, Arnie Fenner mentioned that he and Cathy were in the early stages of grooming a new director to eventually take over Spectrum. Bill pointed at me and said, “What about this guy?” And I quickly and casually replied, “I should be so lucky.” Bill gave me a wry look and I returned my best poker face expression. He never asked me about it again, but I sensed that he read right through me. We had a good laugh about it after the announcement was made last Friday.

Peter de Sève and Terryl Whitlatch
Peter de Sève and Terryl Whitlatch

Peter de Sève and Terryl Whitlatch, two of the guests of the show, used our Flesk booth as a home base for signings. They both were very giving with their time, not just with the fans at the booth, but also during the many panels that they were a part of.

More pictures soon!



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
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  1. Thanks for sharing this Part One, John. Look forward to more memories and pictures from the event. I’m eagerly consuming everyone’s thoughts/images that I can find and adding them to my own recollections of this amazing event.

  2. You know my head is shaped like that because I was 11lbs. 14oz. at birth and my Korean mother was 90lbs dripping wet. Just remember me when it comes time to jury again John. I’m curious to see how you do it.

    1. …And weren’t you born on a wooden floor too, Bill? Anyway, I can’t forget you. How could I?! My initial Spectrum plans are shaping up well. I’m narrowing down my list of people to contact as potential jury members. I hope to have them locked in by August.

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