Mark Schultz Kickstarter Stretch Goals Announced

Hi, everyone,

Mark Schultz and I added a few bonus items to our Kickstarter campaign. Should we reach the goal outlined below we will include these options at no extra charge. What is Kickstarter and what are stretch goals? Please follow the link at the bottom for details.

Our Kicksarter stretch goal announcement:

As we continue to receive your support we would like to add more value to our goodies, and include new bonuses, as an ongoing expression of our gratitude.

45K Stretch Goal
Additional footage added to the brush and ink demonstration.
We were discussing Mark’s demonstration video and came up with an idea to make it even better. We will film and add an additional 15 minute segment with Mark discussing the tools he uses as well as his influences. This will expand the 40 minute video to 55 minutes.

55K Stretch Goal
Upgrade binding and bound in signature page for the Xenozoic hardcover edition.
We are seeing a lot of interest for this Xenozoic hardcover edition. We want to upgrade the binding from the current printed boards with jacket option to a fancy quarter-binding with an onlaid plate featuring the cover art set in the front center boards. The board design will finish off with a stamp of the title and Mark Schultz’s name on the front boards. (I’ll work on putting together a visual graphic to share soon. –John) The jacket will also be included. In addition, we will add a bound in signature page to the book, featuring a new Xenozoic preliminary drawing, which will be signed by Mark Schultz. This is on top of the already promised signed bookplate. This will be an exquisite production and unique to this 500 copy edition you have made possible through Kickstarter.

We will announce more stretch goals once the 55K goal has been unlocked.

In other news, we see that the Combo Pack #2 has been the most popular choice and that the availability has almost run out. We discovered that Kickstarter lets you adjust the numbers available for the different rewards. With only a finite number of hardcover books being available, we took away 75 copies from the individual Carbon and Xenozoic hardcover book options and then added 75 paired units to the Combo Pack #2, which gets you both of the hardcover books with one pledge.

With our thanks,

John Flesk and Mark Schultz

John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
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