Mark Schultz / Flesk Publications Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live Today

Greetings, everyone! We launched our Schultz / Flesk Kickstarter campaign today. Here is a link and a copy of our email newsletter going out today.Thanks for looking.


Flesk Newsletter:
The Flesk and Mark Schultz Kickstarter Campaign is now live! We’re offering Mark’s new art book collection, Mark Schultz: Carbon, in both trade and Flesk exclusive hardcover editions.  We’re offering brand-spanking-new prints! We’re offering a Flesk exclusive hardcover edition collecting all the Xenozoic stories Mark has drawn! And we’re offering something truly unique: a video inking demonstration by Mark! Never before attempted — never before seen!

The full details and a video about our book and print offerings, exclusive Kickstarter goodies and a pair of pledges that will get you original artwork are provided at our Kickstarter campaign page here:

Here’s a breakdown of what you will find:
1. Mark Schultz: Carbon — new art book in paperback and Flesk exclusive hardcover
2. Xenozoic new printing with new cover — paperback and Flesk exclusive hardcover
3. “Beyond the Known Forest, She Talks with Birds” — signed color print
4. Exclusive Kickstarter 8 x 10” signed print — free to KS supporters
5. Exclusive brush and ink demonstration video by Mark Schultz — free to KS supporters
6. Two Special combination packs that offer original art from Mark Schultz.
Note: The hardcovers, prints and video will only happen if we reach our Kickstarter goal.

If you enjoy Mark’s work, this is your chance to support the quality projects he loves producing. Please take a look. And thank you — we appreciate your consideration!



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
Text copyright © 2013 John Fleskes. Art copyright © 2013 Mark Schultz



7 Replies to “Mark Schultz / Flesk Publications Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live Today”

  1. Wow, congratulations on reaching the initial funding goal within about 5 hours of going live! I can’t wait to see what stretch goals you have lined up!

    1. I’m talking to Mark about a few ideas, Imran. This is one of my favorite parts. Giving you all more bonuses and value!



  2. Goal already reached?!?
    It probably will be quadrupled or more by deadline.
    Any surprise bonus for early backers who made this goal possible?

    1. Mark and I are just as surprised and excited! I’m planning on posting our first stretch goal this weekend. I want it to benefit all of our backers–so you and everyone else will be well taken care of.



  3. I want to buy Carbon the deluxe edition and the print,will you put them in your online shop sometime later?.I just want to buy them directly from you.Thank you.

    1. Yes, indeed. I will have Mark Schultz Carbon and the new print available from our online store as a pre-order immediately after the Kickstarter campaign ends.



  4. Awesome!
    Hopefully the Schultz brush and ink demonstration online video will come with sub-titles.
    You know, that opportunity didn’t happen with James Bama’s deluxe edition inserted video years ago.

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