T.S. Sullivant Book

Astute observers will notice I had a T.S. Sullivant book listed in the “Under Development” section of my website. I was planning on having it come out in 2011. I’ve just shelved the book for the time being. This is because I learned today that a new Sullivant book will be published by Fantagraphics in June 2010. It is called The Antic Cartoon Art of T.S. Sullivant by Robert C. Harvey. Since I have not started writing or designing my book yet, I’ve decided to focus on other projects for now. (Of which I have many!) At some point in the future I will revisit my own book.

It’s funny how there are no books on Sullivant to date, and then all of a sudden there are two in development. That can happen. I’m excited to see what the Fantagraphics book looks like. After all, I want to see a Sullivant book. I couldn’t be happier that a big 256-page collection will be coming out soon.


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications