Adam Loero – Rest in Peace

A fixture in the Santa Cruz community for his warmth, kindness, intelligence, humbleness, and extraordinary skimboarding ability, Adam Loero, a good friend and teammate, passed away on Friday, Dec. 19. The news has left me crippled and shocked, while grateful for the pleasure of having known this great young man.

I have assembled a handful of pictures to share. As most of my time spent with Adam has been at the beach and in the waters in and neighboring Santa Cruz, these pictures reflect times spent enjoying those cherished breaks from life. You will be sorely missed, Adam.

Adam puts on a show at Eric Roush’s 40th birthday skim party in April 2008. I decided to take pictures for the first hour before getting wet myself. I’m glad I did, as I got these great shots of Adam. He had such a smooth style.

This picture was taken by my wife, Karen, in June 2008. Adam and I were skimming 26th Ave one evening. You can see the backlight from the setting sun. As usual, Adam was charging the biggest waves of the night and throwing buckets of spray.

Group shot from Eric Roush’s 40th birthday skim party at 26th Ave in April 2008. There’s Adam on the far right with his signature smile and friendly face. From left to right, a terrific batch of guys, Gary Velo, Eric Roush, Ryan Parola, Andrew, Cameron, then again Adam.

Adam Loero and Eric Roush hanging out at the 2006 O’Neill Skimbash at 26th Ave.

Adam competing at the 2006 O’Neill Skimbash

Adam at the 2006 O’Neill Skimbash at 26th Ave in Santa Cruz.

Here’s Adam on his way to winning the Senseless skimboard contest at 26th Ave., Santa Cruz in 2008. He was just killing it. He was a superb craftsman on his board.

Adam driving into a mini summer barrel in his final heats of the Senseless skim contest in 2008.

This ride was Adams exclamation point to winning the 2008 Senseless contest. His face was always focused and calm, even in the heaviest and most critical situations. He’s an inspiration to us all.

There’s more pictures of Adam at the Roush Creations crew page here, along with eulogies from his friends at the Cramikskim website here.

We are all richer for having had Adam in our life.

My heart goes out to Adam’s family, and the entire SC crew, who I know is feeling the pain right now.