Terry Dodson Spotlight

I’ve been following the work of Terry Dodson for over ten years now. During that time, I’ve watched him grow, and become more of his own, into a confidant and inspirational artist.

He has drawn a string of consistently well-embellished comics, including a Storm mini-series (1996), and Pryde and Wisdom (1996), then a run on Generation X (1998-2000). Harley Quinn (2000-02), Spider-Man and the Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do, Trouble (2003), Marvel Knights Spider-Man (2004), and Wonder Woman (2006), all followed. Currently, he is doing terrific work on Uncanny X-Men, as well as many covers for Marvel. Most of these are available in easy to find trade collections. His wife, Rachel, beautifully inks his work.

My favorite work of Dodson’s is his Songes: Caroline. The first volume was published in 2006, along with a sketchbook with related material in 2007, by the French publisher Les Humanoides Associes. This material is absolutely stunning. You can see a preview of the interior pages, and purchase copies from Stuart Ng Books here.

Dodson had a gallery show at the Galerie du 9eme art in Paris that ran from June 4-10, 2009. They have many of the pieces that were on display at the exhibit on their website here. Take a look at the great watercolor drawings!

Terry will be exhibiting at the Comic-Con International in San Diego this July 23-26 at booth 4706. He will have copies of his latest sketchbook, Bombshells Volume 4, and original artwork for sale.

Terry has a blog chronicling his work on Uncanny X-men and other various projects, here. There is new artwork, step-by-step sections, and prelims, all with accompanying commentary.

There is also a comprehensive gallery of his art online at the Comic Art Fans website here.

Check out all of these links. They are worth the time. Enjoy!


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications