Flesk at “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” Part 1. A Tour Around the Flesk Booth.

This is the first post of a series detailing our three days exhibiting at the “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” event in Kansas City, Missouri. The show ran from May 18-20. I have far too much to share to try and cram my whole experience into a single post.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Arnie and Cathy Fenner on an exceptional show and thank them, their crew and volunteers for making us feel welcome and making for a smooth event. They pulled off an extraordinary feat in banding us all together. I will write much more about the show but, for now let me take you on a tour of our booth.

This series of pictures takes you around the Flesk booth about two hours before the show started. We had four booth’s made up into a 20’ x 20’ island. This is the first time I had a space of this size to work with. I did not make concrete plans concerning the booth arrangement prior to the event. I had some ideas but nothing was welded in place. My preference was to show up with my crew, see what we were dealing with, and then build our space. I liked the idea of not over-thinking our spot and letting it organically take shape.
This first picture shows James Walker II behind the booth and Jonathan Leveck in front. Our pal, Randall Dahlk, is sitting behind James. The area James is facing projects right into the main doors as people enter the show. We had the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! show book and t-shirt’s there. Android Jones was on the right corner and Mike Mignola on the left, with Gary Gianni next to Mike.

Here James is prepping Mark Schultz’s space.

Coming around the corner we had copies of all of our Flesk titles in print for people to peruse.

Here’s William Stout’s section with his books. Later he had original artwork on display.

As we approach the final stretch, Petar Meseldzija brought seven paintings with him from The Netherlands, five of which can be seen on the wall behind him. The work at the bottom center is a giclee print. The two smaller pieces were placed on the easels a few hours later. Then the empty space on the corner brings us back to where Android sat with his prints.

The next post is coming soon as I continue this visual tour of our show!



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