New Editions of Pastoral and The Genesis Collection by J.A.W. Cooper Are Here!

Hi, everyone,

We’re thrilled to offer updated editions of Pastoral and The Genesis Collection by J.A.W. Cooper. Both art books are here at our Flesk warehouse and ready for immediate shipping.

These Cooper collections have long been out of print. Due to the ongoing requests we decided to bring these two books back! Cooper created new covers, we redesigned some pages, and also sprinkled in some new pieces. There are only 500 copies of the hardcover editions available. Over 400 images can be found between these two volumes.

Pastoral is a romp through subject matter that makes Cooper supremely happy. Expect humor, expect sensuality, expect chickens, expect all three in one image. If that sounds like a damn good time to you we think you will get along famously with Cooper. Pastoral is filled with their energetic, expressive pencil and ink drawings of wildlife and their stewards. Gouache works from Cooper’s travels and gallery paintings also appear.

The J.A.W. Cooper Genesis Collection compiles the drawings and paintings from the sold-out 2017 releases of Familiars, Flora and Fauna, and Viscera with a few extras thrown in.

This collection leads us on a journey into the violent, steaming innards of making art—raw, spontaneous and unfettered. Drawing on themes of the occult, the artist explores animals as allegories for the human condition—a physical projection of that which is clandestine. Cooper explores instinct and intuition as the spark of artistic creation, to delight the feral child at our core.

You can learn all about the books and place your order direct on our Flesk website.



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