Flesk at “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” Part 2. The Artists Arrive.

The inaugural “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” event opened the doors to the public at 3:00pm on Friday, May 18. The artists at our Flesk booth included William Stout, Mark Schultz, Petar Meseldzija, Mike Mignola, Gary Gianni (on Saturday and Sunday) and Android Jones (on Friday and Saturday). The nice thing about this show was how throughout the three days we had a steady influx of people at our booth. We were never bored as there were typically two to four people in line for the majority of artists. This allowed for personal discussions without anyone feeling rushed. It was a good pace.

Here’s a batch of photographs around our Flesk booth, most of which were taken about an hour or two after the doors opened on that first day. The pictures of Gianni were taken on Saturday.

Here is William Stout talking with an attendee. The original art in front of him is featured within his book Inspirations.

Petar Meseldzija poses with a few of his original paintings and books. Petar flew all the way in from The Netherlands.

Mike Mignola interacts with a fan.

Craig Elliott hangs out at our booth during the Flesk Prime book signing on Saturday.

Gary Gianni went straight to work when he arrived on Saturday around noon. Here he is providing a sketch in a recently purchased book featuring his work.

William Stout also provided sketches for some lucky fans.

Mark Schultz engages with someone while Randy Dahlk helps with book sales and questions.

Mr. Schultz poses for the camera.

This is a nice group shot showing the activity that first day. Mignola, Gianni and Schultz stayed busy until closing time.

This is me being interviewed for Scifi4me.com. They had some questions about the show book featuring the five guests I put together. Besides screwing up and naming Iain McCaig twice and leaving out Android Jones when naming the five artists, I think the rest went as well as it could for it being my first camera interview. (I’ve been avoiding live interviews for 10 years.)

Here I am during the same interview. Jonathan Leveck ran out with my camera and got some shots while we were talking. The “Crowbot” banner artwork is by Jon Foster and welcomed people as they would walk inside.

Another booth group shot. There’s our friend Jim Keegan sporting the beard and jacket. In front are the cool show official t-shirts we were selling. The art is by Ragnar.

Jonathan ran around with my camera and got this grab shot of me. It’s nice to see. After ten years of shows I finally got a few pictures of myself. I typically take all the pictures and don’t have many of myself. I prefer being behind the lens. Behind me is our new updated logo that Randy designed.

Mike Mignola stayed busy each day. He gives a lot of friendly personal attention to each fan.

A lucky collector gets a personalize sketch and autograph by Mignola.

Gianni draws in another book.

I walked over to Jim Gurney’s booth to say hello. When I got there his wife told me he went over to my booth to do the same. I returned to find him talking with Petar Meseldzija (left) and William Stout (right). This is quite the trio of painters who are masters at using the traditional approach.

Jonathan Leveck and James Walker working (or playing) at the booth. They always remember to have fun along the way. That’s fine by me.

Randall Dahlk holds steady his end of the booth. Randy is a good friend and has designed at least half of our Flesk books.

Part 3 of this series which will include more “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” pictures and commentary is coming soon.



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