Back From “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!”

I arrived home late last night after spending a week in Kansas City while exhibiting at the “Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!” event. I have quite a bit of pictures and stories that I will be sharing over the next week. I will also be passing along pictures to Jonathan who will share them on our Flesk Facebook page. For now, though, we have book orders to ship out and emails to respond to.

I received numerous requests for copies of the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! commemorative art book to be signed by all five guests. Unfortunately it was not possible. We were far too busy. The copies we did manage to get signed we gave away to the show organizers and my staff and the artists at my booth. To fulfill all of the requests I would have had to get over 80 books signed and shipped back. It was just not possible given our focus of running the booth at the show. Next time you’ll have to come to the event!

I do have copies of the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! book in stock. We should have all of the pre-orders out the door by tomorrow (Thursday).



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