Flesk at Baltimore Comic-Con 2023

Hi, everyone,

Baltimore Comic Con is a wrap!

Vicky and I enjoyed chatting with everyone who visited our Flesk booth and those we bumped into in and around the convention center. We have a ton of lasting memories from the show.

Seeing Arthur Adams is always a pleasure. A lot of people shared with us that they are looking forward to his new art collection in October.

Being set up next to Richard and Wendy Pini for three days made for one of the most enjoyable shows we have ever had. We started to tease about the upcoming Elfquest book that we will be publishing next spring.

I was thrilled to reunite with Steve Rude and to have a few extended conversations with him. Steve is awesome and I truly enjoyed the chance to catch up with him.

Hang time with my buddy Frank Cho is also always a pleasure. Frank is a generous and helpful guy who I appreciate greatly.

Again, it was wonderful to see you all! We look forward to Baltimore 2024.

Photo, top, left to right: Arthur Adams, Wendy Pini, Richard Pini, John Fleskes.

bottom, left to right: John Fleskes, Richard Pini, Vicky Lien, Wendy Pini, David Mizejewski.



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