Spectrum 27 Update!

Spectrum 27 interior spread featuring the art of Petar Meseldzija (left) and Jason Mowry (right) with cover art by Tommy Arnold.

We’re getting low on the paperback edition. I had set the print run for this book back in late-March when we were sheltered in place and facing a very uncertain future. It was very hard to predict how the state of the book industry would look in the fall and winter of 2020. Based on this, I ended up being conservative with the print run. Here we are nine months later and we are very grateful that Spectrum 27 is doing well. The print run turned out to be a little low, which I hope is reflective of an overall healthy book industry. At this rate the Spectrum 27 paperback edition will sell out in the next month or two. If you want a paperback copy for your library, you may want to pick up a copy soon. We still have plenty of the hardcover edition in stock.

Thanks for making Spectrum 27 a success during a very challenging year! Thanks also to all of the artists who participated in Spectrum 27 and who made this such an amazing collection.

Here’s the link to the Spectrum books direct on our website.



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