Flesk Goals

I was talking with the Flesk crew here today and went over what we will be concentrating on during these next two weeks. I’m not sure how other businesses run, but what I do know is that I run a business very differently than most.

For instance, I am very open with Vicky, Kathy, and Lauren about what is going on now, and how what we do today will help us to achieve our 5 year goal. I think you have everything to gain by being open and sharing the current and future plans so that we can all see where we are heading together.

During this two week period we will focus on two new books that are very far along. One is the Edwin Austin Abbey book, the other I will announce in mid-November. We actually have two other books that are at midpoint stages to work on as well. Then there is accounting and bookkeeping to get caught up on, along with wrapping up some long overdue items for our wonderful book distributor, PGW.

Little by little, we get all sorts of neat things done. Never as quickly as I may want to, but it all gets done when the time is right.

I currently have the best team that I have ever had. It makes it pretty hard to fail with Vicky, Kathy and Lauren here helping. Also, with all of those who buy our books, I wake up grateful every day that we are getting through this really tough year thanks to you all.



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