Al Williamson and Mark Schultz Books Update!

Hello, all,

We’ve been incredibly busy here since the campaign ended last month. I’d like to give you an update on each of the four books.

1. The Al Williamson and Mark Schultz Astounding Sketchbook

This bonus item is done and at the printer! We filled up this 16 page sketchbook with never before published sketches and preliminaries by Al and Mark. It sure was a lot of fun to dig through material to use for this.

2. Carbon 4 by Mark Schultz

This book is done and at the printer! I worked closely with Mark over the last few months to select art for this collection. As always, Mark is a joy to work with and we are very proud with how this new collection came out. Mark decided at the last minute to draw a few new pieces that will be revealed once the book is shipped to you.

3. Xenozoic by Mark Schultz

This book is done and at the printer. We’re very excited to bring the classic Xenozoic Tales collection back in print in this new format. We poured over every detail and are happy to have this coming out soon.

4. Al Williamson Strange World Adventures

The artwork selection, the writing, and the preliminary designs are all done. At this time, I am focused full time on tightening up the designs, then will focus on the finished designs, followed by the final proofing. We were able to pull together a beautiful selection of Al’s artwork that spans his entire career. I expect to have it done in the next couple of weeks. I ended up doing far more writing for the book than I initially intended, which added a few weeks to the production time, but I feel it was well worth the effort.

I’ll let you all know right when the Al Williamson book is done!

Thank you so much for your support to make these books a reality.



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