Flesk Books–Looking Toward 2021 and Beyond

Hi, all,

Kathy and I spent a few hours going over all of the Flesk books we are working on over the next year. Thanks to Vicky and Lauren helping us now we are in a position were we can take on another book by an artist who we have not worked with before.

It didn’t take us very long to come up with a list of 15 names. Now, we will take our time to narrow down the list to one name before reaching out to the artist to see if he or she is interested.

There are two that stand out the most to me, but my goal is to hand over more decisions to Kathy and Vicky to see who they are the most interested in contacting. I don’t want this company to reflect only my tastes.

I never expect that anyone would want to work with us. I’ve been turned down a few times, and that is perfectly OK. I never feel rejected since people may have their own plans and goals that take them in a different direction.

Working with a new artist goes far beyond what they do. It is also who they are and how they treat others. For instance, in few rare cases, there have been artists who are friendly to me, but not necessarily kind to James or Kathy. If someone talks to anyone here like they are a servant I will not work with that person. I won’t share the stories, but you’d be surprised.

But, my aim is for this to be a positive note while so much weird stuff is happening all around us. Thanks to people who supported us this year we could bring in Lauren and Vicky and we can look to the future. You have our thanks.



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