A Note of Thanks

Hi, everyone,

Over these last few weeks I’ve been grateful to hear the excitement and to see the thank you posts from the artists who were selected for inclusion into Spectrum. This has come in the form of Instagram and Facebook posts, through email, and in a few cases directly in person.

When someone takes the time to write and thank us it goes a long way. It gives us a boost and encourages us to keep working hard for this community.

Kathy and I work throughout the day in relative seclusion in our office where we are interacting with 300 artist’s for the book and an additional 150 or so more for the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event. It is a monumental task that can be tough at times due to the shear amount of work that we need to accomplish within a given time frame.

But, this would be much harder if not for the support, the good vibes, the thank you messages and help you all give us. Even the slightest praise goes a long way.

Between now and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, Kathy and I will be in the trenches of preparations for the show. Along with our Spectrum founders Cathy and Arnie Fenner, and the core SFAL helpers and many volunteers, we aim to make this the best event we have ever held the honor of hosting. Nothing of any true value is done alone. This is all the result of all of us working together and helping one another.

I just wanted to give everyone a high five, a fist bump, pat on the back and a giant group hug of thanks!



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