Checking Myself for 2017 and Beyond!

Time to Check Myself!

Early in the New Year I make a point to spend a day to myself and focus on my goals. I’ve been doing this each year since I started my business 15 years ago. I reflect on my biggest failures and best strengths during the previous year.  I examine and learn from them before looking at what I want to accomplish this year, while setting myself up for 2018 and beyond.

I look at everything that I’ve done during this last year as objectively as possible to see how I can better serve my businesses, those in the community, my son and those who are close to me in a better way. It’s absolutely necessary for me to take this time before the year settles in.

Here are some of my personal guidelines that I hold myself to:

  1. Be honest with yourself. Don’t inflate your ego and put yourself on a pedestal where you believe everything good that is going on is due to your actions alone. There are a lot of people who helped get you are you are today. Let them know. Be gracious and humble.
  1. Own up to your failures. Whether it’s with others or a business loss, take credit for it, acknowledge it to those involved and be humble about it. Then learn from it, pick up the pieces, and get going again.
  1. Don’t limit your vision to what you accomplished in your past. Think of some amazing things that you have always wanted to do and make happen–then get to work. Keep yourself energetic and excited by introducing new challenges and goals to your year.
  1. Don’t forget those who you are already responsible to. Don’t stretch yourself so thin that you neglect those who depend on you or who are loyal to you.
  1. Don’t be scared. Never get in the way of your own success.
  1. Trust the judgment of your close friends, advisors and mentors that you have chosen for this role. Pick those who are more experienced, and those who know you inside and out, and who you respect. Share your plans with them, be open, then listen and take their advice. Let them guide you. Let them be proud of you. Do not allow yourself to think it is all about you and your efforts. It never is.
  1. Make sure everything you do serves a greater purpose. It’s never about money or materialism. It’s about relationships and the people.
  1. People are watching. Whether you realize it or not, there are those who you’ve never met who are inspired by you and pay attention.You can do more than you have ever imagined or done to date. Think bigger.

I accomplished a lot today and feel confident that the direction that I will be going in will benefit more people than ever before.

I am grateful to my mentors, friends and advisors who took the time for extended phone conversations during these last two days to give me feedback, encouragement and further guidance on where we are headed. A lot of people out there have my back. It’s an incredible feeling.

I couldn’t have had a better office than sitting at 26th Ave. in Santa Cruz today while accomplishing this goal. I never get tired of the sunsets here.



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