Thank You For Submitting to Spectrum 23!

thank-youThank you to everyone who submitted to Spectrum 23!

It’s amazing to have such a great community who supports Spectrum year after year. Some people think that Flesk and Spectrum are mega-big companies, but the reality is that we are a handful of people who work tirelessly out of passion and respect for this genre and the artists who bring us their beauty through art with each day.

It continues to be our humble pleasure to be a part of this community.

Over the next week we will be processing all of the submissions that have come in over this last week. We are sending out email confirmations to those who submitted online. Please be patient, since it may take us a little while, but we prefer to work slow to make sure all of the entries are in order and that you have the best chance to be seen by the jury.

Details about the Spectrum jury event will come soon. Thank you again!



John Flesk

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