New Mark Schultz Books for 2016

MS-artMark Schultz and I have been talking on the phone over these last few weeks about his new books for 2016. In the works is Carbon 2, the latest home for his collected works to bring us up to date since his last Carbon collection that came out three years ago.

The second collection will be a deluxe edition for Storms at Sea. This will be a very limited oversized edition that will come signed by Mark. I wanted to release it last year, but time was an issue as I was juggling other projects.

Our plan is to offer the Carbon 2 and Storms at Sea deluxe editions as a set through a Kickstarter campaign. I’d like to have the books available in July for our summer season.

At the moment I’m focused on Spectrum 23 submissions and the judging event which will be held on February 27th. The Kickstarter campaign for Schultz’s books will commence at some point to be determined in the near future.

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