New Tribes of Kai Videos. Daren Bader Sketching!

Hi, all,

We had a great time at the Flesk booth during the Tribes of Kai book release signing at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Artist Daren Bader and writer Lance HaunRogue were there to celebrate the event. We’ve put together two new videos for you to enjoy.

Daren Bader and Lance HaunRogue book signing at the Flesk Publications booth during Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Daren Bader draws one of his characters found in Tribes of Kai inside a Flesk blank sketchbook.

Tribes of Kai is comes in a trade hardcover and special deluxe hardcover versions. This book is available now at the Flesk website, where we also have a third video which includes interview and process footage. View it here.



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