Tribes of Kai and Pridelands by Daren Bader and Lance HaunRogue at the Printer!

Pridelands Cover.indd TOK-cover-webHello, all,

We’ve sent  Tribes of Kai and Pridelands off to the printer. We continue to be on schedule with the book for its August release date.

I’d like to provide some insight into just how busy we have been while working on these two books. What went from a simple story collection, both Tribes of Kai and Pridelands kept growing and expanding. Bonus art was added, sketches and new paintings by Daren were created, Lance added to and improved the text, original artwork was rescanned, Daren went in and color corrected the art further, the book designs kept improving, the Flesk team jumped in to help, and we had three people go through and proof the book and run final checks before packaging up the books and sending them to the printer. Then I went in and worked with the printer to explore various types of packaging and settled on the papers, binding and slipcase materials–all while consulting with Daren and Lance. These two collections were far and away much more elaborate than we had predicted.

In total, seven individuals had a hand in getting key aspects of the book taken care of. And we aren’t forgetting our Kickstarter supporters, since without their early support, these bonus features and upgrades would not have been possible.

At the moment the book is out of our hands as the printer has taken on their role in printing and binding the book. This should continue over the course of this month, then we expect to see our sample copy around July 1st. Then they ship the bulk shipment with our copies expected in late July. We will begin shipping our Kickstarter pre-orders immediately upon their arrival.

The deluxe edition and Pridelands, both limited to only 500 copies, will only be available direct from Flesk for the time being.

We’ll have another update by early July. For those making Comic-Con International in San Diego, Flesk will have a booth with Daren and Lance making signing appearances. We hope to meet some of you there.

Thanks again everyone!



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