New Frank Cho Drawing Video!

Hi, all,

Here is a pair of new videos. As a reminder, we get a new video posted every Tuesday on our Spectrum Fantastic Art website.

The first video is a time-lapse of Frank Cho working on a section of a large battle drawing that was used as a gatefold in Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method. I filmed this while visiting Frank in his studio in June of 2015. We were wrapping up the book at the time. While Frank was drawing I was scanning art and designing portions of the book for Frank to review. It was a fun week. (Order the book here.)

This second video is our online promotional video for The Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija. Petar spent a year writing and drawing this book. It came out amazing. We’re working with the printer now to get this book printed. (Pre-order it here.)



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