Spectrum 22 Poster Art by Victo Ngai! Call for Entries Now Open!

Spectrum-22-Call-for-Entries-FleskWith the Spectrum 22 call for entries now open, I would like to highlight the poster which was done by Victo Ngai this year! I was thrilled when Victo agreed to do the poster. She was my first choice and someone who I feel represents the current state of illustration in a fresh way that helps define a new generation of artists who will be paving new ground for decades to come. Victo’s art is aptly titled “Rule Breaker,” a theme that has always been prevalent with Spectrum. The posters are being printed and will mail out soon. Online submissions open tomorrow! –John

Learn more about Victo here: http://victo-ngai.com/

Submit to the Spectrum 22 Call for Entries here.



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Text copyright © 2014 John Fleskes. Artwork © 2014 Victo Ngai. All Rights reserved.