Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 Highlight Video #2

Helpful Bear Productions has produced a second video highlighting the artists who appeared at the third Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event last May. Over 200 artists exhibited on the show room floor. This is a celebration that puts the artists in the forefront and provides an intimate and friendly environment for people to meet and greet the creators. Enjoy this small taste of SFAL.



John Fleskes
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Text copyright © 2014 John Fleskes. Artwork copyright © their respective owners. Video by Helpful Bear Productions for Spectrum Fantastic Art Live © 2014. All Rights reserved.

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  1. Really FANTASTIC!!! I wish I could be there! Thank you for your fantastic books, John. It’s the only chance for me to ‘touch’ all those masterpieces.
    Keep up with your great work (p.s. I can’t wait to see your magical touch on forthcoming book Spectrum 21). CIAO.

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