Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 Event Video!

The third Spectrum Fantastic Art Live was held on May 9-11 in Kansas City, MO. Enjoy this two minute video which shows you a few highlights from the three day event! Thanks to everyone who exhibited and attended!

About Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

SFAL is a high-energy showcase for the best and brightest in the fantasy and science fiction art community. It brings together artists, industry professionals and fans.

It’s a show for everyone. For artists, both established and aspiring, and fans of art. For people who love movies, video games, tabletop gaming, RPGs, card games and more. For fans of comics, science fiction, fantasy and any genre that has ever had an art component.

The third event featured over 200 booths full of the finest artists working today. Multiple disciplines were represented. Exquisite dolls, grotesque mannequins, oil paintings, prints, bronzes, pencil sketches, sculptures … all forms of art are celebrated at SFAL.

There were multiple programming tracks, from topics that affect artists and their creative process to discussions of practical industry concerns, as well as panels on how to start collecting art.
There were portfolio reviews by the leading art directors in multiple industries.

If you make art, you should come to SFAL 4. If you love art, you should come. If you’re wondering if this is for you, it is. You’ll love it. See you next time!



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