Visiting the LA Art Show

I visited the LA Art Show for my first time on January 18th. The thought of viewing original paintings by contemporary and past masters was strong enough to lure me to L.A. for the weekend. Here is a batch of pictures that I took at the booths that showcased the artworks that appealed to me the most.
Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-08 The Maxwell Alexander Gallery had a handful of paintings by Joseph Todorovitch (left) and Jeremy Mann (right) on display.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-09This is another picture of the Maxwell Alexander Gallery booth, this time from the outer aisle. There’s another painting by Jeremy Mann, sixth from the left.

Craig-LA-fine-art-show-2013Look who I found at the event; none other than Mr. Craig Elliott, who is shown here admiring a fine art painting.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-05Zhang Xinquan titled Fishes Play in Heyuan Pool. The sculptures are by Lu Zhenyuan. The work in front of the painting is titled Kisses. This booth represented artists from the Phoenix Art Center from China.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-01The Museo Maya de America featured an exquisite display titled Guatemala: Treasures of the Maya Spirit.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-02Another ancient object at the Museo Maya de America booth.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-03More from the Guatemala: Treasures of the Maya Spirit exhibit.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-04This is a detail from a painting for the Sacred Palace Series by Li Guan Lin.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-10Paintings by Jean-Leone Gerome, Norman Rockwell and Camilla d’Erricco are but a small example of the wide-range of artists featured at the LA Art show. This one by Morgan gave me pause.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-06These are two recent paintings by Brad Kunkle at the Arcadia Contemporary booth.

Flesk-LA-fine-art-show-2013-07Another painting by Brad Kunkle. Brad is currently working on fifteen new pieces that will premiere at his third one man show at Arcadia Contemporary in New York City in December.

And then my camera stopped working…



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