Spectrum 21 Judging Event Set For March 1st!

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The Spectrum 21 submissions have been processed and are ready for the jury voting. The five judges: Cory Godbey, J. Anthony Kosar, George Pratt, Shelly Wan and Allen Williams, will convene in San Jose, California on March 1st.

Flesk-home-banner-16The call for entries submissions will be reviewed and voted upon over the course of the day. Each judge votes independently and anonymously allowing for a fair process. A simple majority of three out of five votes will guarantee a work of art for inclusion in Spectrum 21. Those whose works are selected will be announced on the Spectrum Fantastic Art website by April 1st.

The Gold and Silver award recipients for each category will also be determined with the top five pieces being announced soon after the judging event. The recipients will be revealed at the live awards ceremony held on May 10 at the Midland Theatre in Kansas City. Admission is free to all Spectrum Fantastic Art Live three-day ticket holders and exhibitors, which runs from May 9-11.

Watch the Spectrum Fantastic Art website on March 1st for photographs and video posted throughput the Spectrum 21 judging event day. Expanded videos, more photographs and news about the day will be shared throughout the following week.



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