Flesk at APE 2012, Pictures and Words

Left to right: John Flesk, Craig Elliott, William Stout, Mark Schultz and Warren Chang at the Flesk booth at APE 2012.

We had a terrific time at the Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco last weekend. We doubled our space to three tables this year. The show organizers were kind enough to accommodate my request to expand and keep me in the same spot, which is a great area right near the front as people walk in.

Mark Schultz, William Stout and Craig Elliott joined us, and Warren Chang made a surprise visit on Saturday. Between all of the artists, Flesk crew and books we were packed tightly into our space.

Left to right: William Stout and Craig Elliott talking with fans at the Flesk booth. Sometimes the conversations can get deep as individual approaches and methods come into play.
William Stout remained busy during his appearance on Saturday.

William Stout flew in for the day on Saturday. Besides talking with fans and signing autographs, we managed to squeeze in some time to map out a schedule for his next book that we hope to have available in the summer or fall of 2013. This collection will encompass his above-ground comics work. (We will be skipping his underground comics work in this book.) More news on this project will be shared later this year.

A side view of our Flesk booth. In the foreground you can see Warren Chang talking with Mark Schultz. Craig Elliott and William Stout are in the background. James, our long-time Flesk crew member, is standing in the back.
Warren Chang and Mark Schultz discussing the art of painting. The open book shows one of Schultz’s Conan works. We were glad Warren could visit. This was Warren’s first time meeting the other artists and additional Flesk crew.
Story time with William Stout.
Craig Elliott and William Stout.
Craig Elliott, William Stout and Mark Schultz. Good guys, one and all.
James Walker II has helped run the Flesk booth since we started in 2002.
Our neighbor Stuart Ng of Stuart Ng Books with Mark Schultz.

I had a few people ask me if I was disappointed about the APE show and New York Comic-Con running on the same weekend, which would prevent me from doing both shows. Without hesitation I would much prefer to exhibit at APE. We continue to do very well at APE and the people visiting our booth are hip and sophisticated. Another reason is how friendly the staff at APE is and the amount of care they put into the show to make it all about the artists and creators. The APE show is a perfect venue for new or aspiring artists to have an opportunity to place himself/herself into a show setting and learn the ropes of self-promotion. The amount of creativity and good energy in the air is something I am pleased to be a part of.

Our top selling book at the show was Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm, followed by The Art of Craig Elliott. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and supported us!



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