Interpreting the New Flesk Logo

I received an email from a long-time Flesk customer and all around good guy, Rasmus Larsen. In his note, Rasmus shared his thoughts on our new Flesk logo that I revealed in May. I intentionally did not explain the design or meaning to any one publicly for the very reason that I prefer for people to interpret it in their own way. Rasmus has given me the best interpretation I have read so far. I asked him for his permission to share his explanation, which he was kind enough to provide. I hand you over to Rasmus:

I like your new logo. I understand that you won’t try to explain it, but leave it up to the person looking at it to form his or her own opinion, so here’s my take on it: The basic pattern – to me – resembles the stylized form of a plant, symbolizing the continuing growth of Flesk Publications as well as an ever growing awareness and appreciation of every single artist that you have published. However, the form could also resemble a stylized pattern of fire, symbolizing the burning passion that goes into the research, writing, production and presentation of each new title from Flesk. Finally, the use of the green nuances has – of course – the meaning of hope, but also goes to show, that “green” – or any other color – has different nuances, and that the understanding of nuances are important for the way an artist works to present an idea or catch a picture or a pose from life, just like the understanding of nuances are important for the way an audience will look at and understand artwork. Nuances also reflect the care you always take to make sure that the art itself is reproduced in the best possible way, so that all the nuances and facets will be reproduced/exposed/visible in the best possible standard to the reader.

I might be waaay off target as you see it, but I guess that’s part of the charm about having room for other peoples interpretations…

Thanks, Rasmus! I’d enjoy hearing some more interpretations if anyone feels like sharing.


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
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