Hijinx Comics 30th Anniversary Sale

On Saturday, August 4th I was invited to participate at my local comic book shop, Hijinx Comics, for their 30th Anniversary sale and event. Unfortunately I had developed a bit of a nasty sore throat the day before and was fairly useless during my short time there. I managed to squeeze off a few pictures before slumbering off in defeat.

Happy 30th Birthday to Hijinx Comics

Here’s our very own Jonathan Leveck (left) with Hijinx owner Neil Farris (right).

Hot dog anyone? Free dogs were on the menu all day, as was drink and cake.

Mick Gray with his daughter, Jen. Mick is the inker on the DC New 52 title, Batman and Robin. His portfolio is open to the cover of issue number 11 (right) and a splash page to an earlier issue. Mick also self-published his own kids book, Al B. Mouse.

Artist and writer, Alex Sheikman was signing and sketching as well. Alex did the art on the new The Dark Crystal graphic novel and also has his own comic-book, Robotika. Both are worth checking out.

Being the trooper that he is, Jonathan volunteered to take on the free hot dog cooking chores. As a proud vegan Jonathan’s smiling since he has no idea if they are cooked well-enough or not; and he’s not about to taste one to find out. I haven’t had a hot dog in over 20 years and wasn’t about to take one for the team. I offered my advice of cooking them until they looked charred and plump.

Hijinx had rows of longboxes filled with 50-cent comics, plenty of discounted books and a store-wide sale. The crowd remained heavy during the time I was there and it seemed to be a successful day.



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