Flesk at Comic-Con, Booth #5019. July 11-15. New Timm Teaser and Panels

Comic-Con International is coming up next week. We’ll be exhibiting again at our usual spot at booth #5019 near artist’s alley. Mark Schultz, who will be a guest of the show, is going to be at our booth all five days. We’ll have official times when he will be present posted at our booth.

Jim Silke and Gary Gianni will also be show guests. Silke will be at booth #4901 and Gianni at #4902. Both locations are near us.

Gianni, Silke and Schultz will have individual spotlight panels highlighting their achievements.

Spotlight on Gary Gianni. Saturday 12-1:00 in room 4.

Spotlight on Jim Silke. Thursday 2:00-3:00 in room 9.

Spotlight on Mark Schultz. Thursday from 12:30-1:30 in room 4. I’ll be a part of this panel with Mark.

We’re going to have our own Flesk panel on Thursday, July 12th from 10:00AM-11:00AM in room 32AB. Here’s the details:

Flesk: Celebrating a Decade of Publishing
Visit with the Flesk team and a quartet of legendary artists for a personal and entertaining hour. Join publisher, John Fleskes, Terry Dodson (Defenders, Uncanny X-Men), Mark Schultz (Xenozoic), Jim Silke (Jungle Girls, Jim Silke Sketchbook) and William Stout (Hallucinations, Inspirations) and moderator Jonathan Leveck (Flesk’s Director of Operations), as they look back on ten years of Flesk’s line of quality books promoting comics and graphic novels, fantasy, illustration, pinup and fine arts fields. In addition, Flesk will announce its exciting line of new titles coming out in the fall of 2012 and provide a glimpse into their 2013 schedule.

I won’t be at our booth much of Thursday. In fact, I will be spending less time at the booth than I normally do, which is usually the majority of the time. I will be in and out all during the show with no fixed times. My wonderful staff will be there to assist you with any questions. One thing to keep in mind is none of us view unsolicited portfolios or book proposals at the shows.

On another topic, we have put together a Flesk promotional postcard set. This will be a free gift given out to our customers at Comic-Con to help celebrate ten years of Flesk. I want to be able to put something into people’s hands to make them feel appreciated for supporting us for all of these years.

This will be a set of seven postcards featuring seven artists that will be in attendance at Comic-Con this year. Each artist is someone who I have published. The seven gentlemen are Stout, Gianni, Schultz, Silke, Dodson, Bruce Timm and Craig Elliott.

These 4″ x 6″ postcards will be printed in full color on front and back. The front art is a finished piece, with the preliminary art on the back. The seven cards will be contained within a velum envelope. It’s going to look beautiful. And again, it will be given out to all of our customers, while supplies last.

New for Comic-Con will be the Bruce Timm Naughty and Nice 2012 Teaser. This 16 page collection will feature all new work recently created in the last few months. This 8.5 in. x 5.5 in. saddle-stitched book is limited, numbered 1-1000 and comes signed by Timm for $15.00. They can be found at our booth and also directly from Timm at his usual signing area at the Naked Fat Rave booth #4601. Copies will be available direct from our website immediately after the show.

We’ll also have the new Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! commemorative art book collection available. This book features the art of Android Jones, Brom, Iain McCaig, Phil Hale and Mike Mignola. The introductions are by Cathy & Arnie Fenner, Christopher Golden, Lorne Lanning, Christopher Paolini and William Stout, plus a short interview with Phil Hale by Tray Batey. Afterword by John Fleskes. Mignola and Stout will be in attendance if you would like to get your copy signed.

In addition, we’ll have our entire line of Flesk books that are in print on display. We all look forward to seeing you at the show.


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications
text and photos copyright 2012 John Fleskes. All rights reserved.

Comic-Con International in San Diego

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  1. …should you find after the show that you have some of the postcards left, please think of us, poor Dutchmen,unable to travel because of a plethora of Breda Festival obligations….

    1. Hello,

      We’ll get them placed on our Flesk online store immediately after the show. I’ll hold at least 100 copies for mail order sales.



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