Spectrum 19 Call For Entries Now Open

The Spectrum Fantastic Art website has recently announced that the Spectrum 19 Call For Entries is now open. This year’s poster is by Rebecca Guay, who in my opinion produced an stunning and beautiful work of art.

Spectrum Fantastic Art co-director Arnie Fenner posted a blog about the back story and creative process of this latest poster on the Muddy Colors blog. You will find some variations and thumbnails showing alternate versions.

Interesting enough I was at the Spectrum 17 dinner Arnie mentions when Bill Carman, Rebecca Guay and Iain McCaig all volunteered to do the Spectrum 18, 19 and 20 posters, respectively. I’ve enjoyed seeing how that evening of good conversation has led to the two posters so far, with still a third to come.

The Spectrum 19 jury consists of Scott Gustafson, Peter de Sève, Jeremy Cranford, Jon Schindehette, and Dawn Rivera-Ernster. Visit the links below to learn more about Spectrum and for entry information.



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Muddy Colors blog with back story by Arnie Fenner
Spectrum 19 Call For Entries details
Spectrum Fantastic Art website

2 Replies to “Spectrum 19 Call For Entries Now Open”

  1. It was a good evening wasn’t it John. The whole jurying experience was unforgettable. Rebecca has upped the ante and I’m sure Iain will make us proud. See you at Spectrum Live.

    1. It sure was, Bill. The whole experience was surreal. Regarding the Spectrum posters you two have done, it makes me glad I’m not an artist and I don’t have to deal with the pressure of matching or besting your skills.

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