Spectrum 16 — Your Source for the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art — Now Available!

Spectrum 16 is now available. According to their website, orders for the hardbound edition have exceeded the print run. If you are looking to get this edition of the book, it looks like you better act fast.

With each new annual collection, Spectrum provides an introduction to many superb artists I was previously unaware of. Petar Meseldžijo is a perfect example of this. How could I have not known about his work, even though he has been in Spectrum before? Take a look at Petar’s website here. Kekai Kotaki is another standout for me. There are many cool discoveries to be found.

At the same time, I am pleased to see many of my favorites included. Peter de Séve, Adam Hughes, Donato Giancola, Gregory Manchess, James Gurney, Gary Gianni, and William Stout are all good examples. Also, David Dorman, Jon Foster, Frank Cho, and Arthur Adams have terrific artwork included. Furthermore, Dan Dos Santos, Daren Bader, Brom, Joe Jusko, and Craig Elliott all have nice works featured.

With sections devoted to Advertising, Books, Comics, Dimensional, Editorial, and Institutional, Spectrum displays a wide-array of artist’s works I missed in their original form. It’s just not possible to come across all of this material over the course of a year, and Spectrum gets the greatest works all in one book. The best Fantastic artists culled together in one well-designed 264-page book with great reproduction. There’s also the yearly “Chairman’s Message” by Cathy Fenner and “The Year in Review 2008” by Arnie Fenner.

If you are new to Spectrum, their mission is “To promote the fantastic arts and provide an annual showcase for contemporary artists.” You can purchase a copy from Bud’s Art Books here, and see sample pages on the Spectrum website by clicking here.



John Fleskes
Flesk Publications