Lines and Colors Features Al Williamson Spotlight and Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon Book Review!

Charley Parker’s Lines and Colors blog is one of the few sites I visit on a regular basis. This is due to a daily entry that proves insightful and educational. Charley provides a valuable service by sharing images, information, and resources for a wide spectrum of artists and art genres. He covers art in comics, illustration, fantasy, gallery art, animation, painting, sketching, concept art, and much more. It’s a very diverse site worth visiting on an ongoing basis.

I feel fortunate that Charley has taken an interest in our Flesk books. He’s covered many of the artists we publish and a bunch of our books (click here to see his Flesk related articles). Just this week, he has written a nice review of Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic (click here to read), as well as an Al Williamson spotlight in October (click here to read). Thanks Charley!

Be sure to head on over to Lines and Colors for your daily art fix!


John Fleskes
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