Al Williamson Flash Gordon Book Update!

Al Williamson Flash Gordon

Mark Schultz, Randy Dahlk, and myself are cranking away on Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic. We are very close to finishing the book. The final elements needed are to write a few captions, along with very minor design tweaks, and finishing the artwork clean up. Prepping the artwork is the most time consuming element left to do. This title is my number one priority. I will have it off to the printer in about three weeks from now. My expectation is that the book will start hitting the stores in late May 2009.

We came in with the lofty goal of trying to obtain 80% of the original artwork for the book. We found close to 90%. This artwork spans over fifty years and is displaced among collectors all over the world. I have to thank everyone who graciously provided scans of their originals. This book will be absolutely amazing because of their contributions.

Thank you all for your patience. I know we are behind, but we feel it is better to put out an amazing book late, than a sub par book on time.


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications