New Alex Niño Book by Manuel Auad

The Art of Alex Nino

My friend Manuel Auad sent me his latest book, The Art of Alex Niño today. I think this is the best book ever done on a Filipino comic book artist. It is a heavy softbound book, using thick paper and running 160 pages. Forty of the pages are in full color. Niño’s work borders on the surreal at times, and most pieces of art are dedicated to one page to allow his heavy line-work to breathe. I was especially pleased to see Alex’s rare work from when he was working in the Philippine’s. Also, there are four complete stories. Manuel’s passion for Alex’s work shows in this fine volume.

I highly recommend this book. For more information visit Auad’s website here. There’s a trade softbound edition and a signed and numbered limited edition to 500 copies.


John Fleskes
Flesk Publications