Spectrum 27 Artist List!

Spectrum 27 Call for Entries poster by Paul Sullivan

The complete list of artist names selected for inclusion into the twenty-seventh volume of Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art is now available!

These creators that work in every style and medium–both traditional and digital–represent the finest in the fantasy, horror, science fiction and the surreal genres from around the world. You will find top industry names who serve as the current definition of excellence and discover the rising stars who are being published for the first time.

Individual emails to those artists accepted will begin to go out this week. Full details regarding the next steps will be provided.

From everyone here at the Spectrum and Flesk offices, we would like to thank all of the artists who submitted to Spectrum 27. We couldn’t do what we do without your support. This includes putting out the Spectrum annual each year, organizing and running the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event, putting on the Spectrum Awards Ceremony where we hand out the Spectrum awards, and making the artist feature videos that we post online. You have our most sincere gratitude. Thank you!

Spectrum 27 will be available from Flesk Publications in the fall of 2020 at your favorite comic and book store.


Mattias Adolfsson
Alex Alice
Marie Alice
Sam Araya
Steve Argyle
Tommy Arnold


Daren Bader
Anna and Elena Balbusso
Wylie Beckert
Ed Binkley
Steven Russell Black
Michael Blank
Paul Bonner
Zoltan Boros
Bruce Brenneise
Laurie Brom
Alan Brown
Thomas Buchanan
Dmitry Burmak
Wesley Burt
Chris Buzelli


DJ Cacouault
Rovina Cai
James Cain
Thomas Campi
Bill Carman
Milivoj Ceran
Lynn Chen
Zhiying Chen
Ian Jun Wei Chiew
Frank Cho
Heonhwa Choe
Yongjae Choi
Jehan Choo
Waiji Choo
Dan Chudzinski
Hilary Clarcq
J.A.W. Cooper


Jessica Dalva
Galen Dara
Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
Julien Delval
Jie Deng
Eric Deschamps
Peter de Seve
Laura Diehl
Daxue Ding
Anna Dittmann
Daniel Dociu
Terry Dodson
Hope Doe
Dan dos Santos
Allen Douglas
Adam S. Doyle
Chris Dunn


Jesper Ejsing
Micah Epstein


Diego Fernandez
Thomas Fluharty
Owen Freeman


Shaun Gentry
Justin Gerard
Annie Stegg Gerard
Donato Giancola
Gary Gianni
Cory Godbey
Nicholas Gregory
Chuck Grieb
Oleg Gritsak
James Gurney
Scott Gustafson
Breanna Guthrie
Arturo Gutierrez


Brian Haberlin
Leesha Hannigan
Wang Hao
Alex Herrerias
Ben Hill
Sija Hong
Alex Horley
John Howe
Te Hu
Steven Hughes
Risa Hulett
Robert Hunt


Alina Ivanchenko


Tyler Jacobson
He Jie (Mona)
Romain Jouandeau


Jim and Ruth Keegan
Edward Kinsella
Tatsuro Kiuchi
Ki Kline
Bartosz Kosowski
Sebastian Kowoll
Maxim Kozhevnikov
Thomas Kuebler
Tami Kuo


Mathieu Lauffray
Elizabeth Leggett
Vanessa Lemen
Shuxing Li
Yangtian Li
Kan Liu
Jonah Lobe
John Loren
Travis Louie
Ashly Lovett
Howard Lyon


Felipe Machado
Greg Manchess
Finnian MacManus
Michael MacRae
Michael Manomivibul
Patrick Masson
Michihiro Matsuoka
Ben Mauro
Iain McCaig
Chris McGrath
Seb McKinnon
Tara McPherson
Miranda Meeks
Petar Meseldzija
Brynn Metheney
Brett Mich
Aaron Miller
Mike Miller
Christel Morvan
Jason Mowry
Reiko Murakami
Sean Murray


John Nadeau
Mark A. Nelson
Daniel Newman
Cliff Nielsen
Tran Nguyen


Tim O’Brien
Michael Avon Oeming
James Ortega
Pernille Orum


John Jude Palencar
David Palumbo
Dustin Panzino
Andy Park
Amirah Patel
Angi Pauly
Liam Peters
John Picacio
Lucas Pina
Alessandra Pisano
Colin Poole
Kristine Poole
Marc Potts
April Prime
Tim Probert
Vincent Proce
Magdalena Proszowska


Wu Qinghao
Queen Studios


Andrea Radeck
Chris Rahn
Henrique Rainha
Omar Rayyan
Red Nose Studio
Rob Rey
Wayne Reynolds
Tooba Rezaei
Olena Richards
Paolo Rivera
Virginie Ropars
Feifei Ruan
Steve Rude
Greg Ruth
Grzegorz Rutkowski
James Ryman
Entei Ryu


Karl Deen Sanders
Leonardo Santamaria
Mauro Santini
Axel Sauerwald
Steven Saunders
Chris Seaman
Arantza Sestayo
Claudya Schmidt
Cynthia Sheppard
Allen Song
Baiheng Song
Dug Stanat
Chase Stone
William Stout
Yuko Shimizu


Shaun Tan
John Tedrick
Thom Tenery
Agnieszka Trojanowska


Olivier Villoingt
Thomas von Kummant
Timothy Von Rueden
Johannes Voss


Sam Weber
Jan Wessbecher
Sam White
Allen Williams
Erica Williams
Jeremy Wilson
Bayard Wu
Esther Wu

Lixin Yin
Leif Yu


Amir Zand
James Zaraam
Enzhe Zhao
Fan Zhang
David Zhou
Daniel Zrom

Thanks again everyone!

With our very best,

John and Kathy

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SFAL and Planet Comicon Kansas City Announce an Exciting New Collaboration!


SFAL and Planet Comicon Kansas City Announce an Exciting New Collaboration!

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Planet Comicon Kansas City (PCKC), one of the country’s most popular and largest pop culture and comic book conventions, is joining forces with Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (SFAL), the region’s preeminent fantasy art show, to create an unforgettable event. Christopher Jackson, CEO of Planet Promotions LLC, which owns and promotes PCKC, and SFAL’s directors John Fleskes, Arnie and Cathy Fenner, are collaborating to bring the best of SFAL to PCKC 2019! This collaborative event will take place March 29-31, 2019 at the Kansas City Convention Center.

Planet Comicon Kansas City, is the largest annual public event in downtown Kansas City, MO, attracting more than 50,000 enthusiastic and passionate fans from the entire region for three days each spring. PCKC brings a wide range of talented comics creators, television and film actors, cosplayers, and pop culture vendors to the heartland. SFAL is known for the amazing variety of stellar artists who journey from around the world to Kansas City to showcase their work and meet their fans.

In 2019, the PCKC exhibit floor will feature an SFAL Pavilion centered around the SFAL directors and support team and showcasing attending SFAL creators. The goal is to bring attention to the unique creators joining PCKC and allow for a significantly larger retail venue for exhibitors. As with previous Spectrum shows there will be educational, social, and networking opportunities for creators that are so valued by the SFAL community.

One of the weekend’s many highlights will be the Spectrum 26 Awards ceremony, which will be held on Saturday evening, March 30. The gala will be held at the historic Folly Theatre, adjacent to the Kansas City Convention Center and will be open to all PCKC exhibitors, creators, guests and attendees.

PCKC will handle all table, booth, and ticket sales. Any questions should be directed to the Planet event manager via the official website or social media platform.


As part of the 20th anniversary celebration and this new collaboration, creators and vendors who have exhibited at prior SFAL events or been featured in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, are invited to purchase exhibit space for PCKC 2019 at a very special rate. Exhibitor space, both artists alley tables and vendor booths, will be available to the SFAL/Spectrum community at a 20% discount over standard PCKC rates will be valid only until September 30, 2018.

The discount will not be available past the reservation deadline and there will be no guarantee that late sign-ups will be seated in the SFAL area: PCKC’s 400,000 square foot exhibit floor sells out each year and the amount of space allotted SFAL’s exhibitors will depend on how many booths and table are spoken for by the 9/30/2018 deadline.

Regular admission tickets will go on sale at the PCKC website in early Fall.

How do I reserve a booth or table?

Please reply to this email indicating your interest in exhibiting under the SFAL umbrella at Planet Comic Kansas City. The staff at Flesk Publications will begin responding on Monday, August 13 with a hotlink and discount code. With the link and code in hand exhibitors will be able to view the rates and reserve space. The process will be similar to previous SFALs; please review all information regarding space and payment options. When prompted at check-out, simply enter the special code to receive your discount. As mentioned above, the discount code will be valid through September 30, 2018

We look forward to working together to make this a memorable event for everyone!

More details—including guest announcements, exhibitor information, and deadlines—will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead via direct emails. Up-to-the-minute news will be available via the official websites of SFAL and PCKC and the PCKC social media pages:

Spectrum Fantastic Art
website: http://www.spectrumfantasticartlive.com
website: http://www.spectrumfantasticart.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spectrumfantasticartlive
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spectrumfantasticart/

Flesk Publications
website: https://www.fleskpublications.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fleskpublications/

Planet Comicon Kansas City web-site and social media
website: PlanetComicon.com
Facebookk: PlanetComiconKC
Twitter: @PlanetComicopn
Instagram: @PlanetComiconOfficial