Originals in Flesk Books for Stoke Out Fundraiser Auction!

Hi, everyone,

Flesk Fundraiser for Stoke Out Santa Cruz Update!

Just after Thanksgiving I will be going live with a series of auctions (run on Ebay) that will benefit an amazing local youth center here in Santa Cruz, California. This is going to provide shoes, sweatshirts, food, and hope to local kids in need. The amazing people at #Santacruzhope are making this happen and I’m proud to play a small part in the fundraising efforts.

I’ll be making available 13 books with originals drawings included by some of the top names in the field.

To date I have the following items to auction.

1. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms hardcover book with an original drawing inside by Gary Gianni and signed by George R.R. Martin!

gianni-auction-a  gianni-auction-c2. Notes From the Shadowed City by Jeffrey Alan Love with an original painting in the book. Plus, two additional paintings by Jeff.

love-auction3. Jungle Girls by Jim Silke with an original drawing included.

silke-auction4. Imagery From the Bird’s Home by Bill Carman with and original drawing on the title page by Bill.

carman-auction5. A copy of Spectrum 23 with an original drawing done in silver ink by Sho Murase, plus a series of 6 prints.

sho-auction-26. Xenozoic hardcover deluxe signed limited edition with an original drawing on the title page by Mark Schultz.

schultz-auction7. The Art of Brom deluxe edition with an original drawing on the title page.

brom-auction8. Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method Studio Edition with a full page original drawing of his Jungle Queen comic character.

cho-auction9. A copy of the deluxe edition of Tribes of Kai with this incredible painting on the front endpapers of the book by Daren Bader! This is a sweet looking original! Also included is a signed copy of Pridelands and two signed prints.

bader-auction10. A copy of his Terry Dodson’s Bombshell’s Sketchbook Collection Two hardcover with this sketch on the front endpaper of the book!

dodson-auctionJoyce Chin, Craig Elliott, William Stout, Terryl Whitlatch and are also doing drawings in books.

I’ll share the remaining pictures of the books as they arrive!

This fundraiser is very personal to me. Life was challenging growing up and I can relate to these kids. It’s my goal to raise as much funds as possible to get these kids Stoked!

Check out the flier to see how you can donate directly–even $1 helps! Or buy one of these sweet Santa Cruz sweatshirts. For every sweatshirt that you buy for only $20, a free one is given to a kid. Double bonus! That’s a heck of a deal!

stoke-outMore details here: http://www.santacruzhope.com/stoke-out/

Thanks everyone!

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