Flesk Adventures–Time Away From the Office

Vicky, Ocean and I frequently spend time outdoors. We all share a curiosity and passion for nature and are constantly amazed by what the world has on offer. We all enjoy photography and exploring as well. Here are some pictures from some of our recent adventures.

I prefer to not share our hiking locations online. This stems from an old surfer code, which is to never reveal a wave publicly. Spots are carefully guarded from becoming too well known. The internet has changed this to a certain extent, but you would be surprised how much there is to still find. For those who make the effort to put in the time and explore, the rewards are great. I still prefer to not use the internet or maps, but instead, turning down a random dirt road and seeing where it leads us. I’ve always enjoyed not knowing where we will end up. This picture above, taken by Vicky, is a famous bridge and no secret. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful drive.

Hiking with Vicky and Ocean is a slow moving day. They stop to observe, and take pictures, and breath in the fresh air at a casual pace.

I typically like to keep moving when I hike, but from spending time with Vicky and Ocean I see more by going slower. If I was on my own I would miss little gems like this mushroom.

Vicky was in this one spot for over an hour. She has an incredible amount of patience and can sit and stare at the water movement and take pictures of rocks for hours.

Ocean is a botanist. Like Vicky, he can sit in a little area for an hour and observe and discover. The three of us can separate and not talk for hours, but also remain in sight of one another. I may be mind surfing the waves, or mapping out some book ideas in my head, or running around to squeeze in some exercise or stretching, then I’ll circle back to check in on them. We all feel at peace having one another around.

These pictures are all from different locations during our February hikes. I have no idea what type of bird this is, but like the framing.

Vicky overlooking the water from our cliff walk. Me, kicking myself for not brining my surfboard to go surf that left.

Ocean and I watching the sunset.

Ocean and I playing around. Some days, all you need is some stinky rotting bull kelp and a stick to have fun.

Ocean is a classic teenager. He sleeps A LOT. At one point, he found a soft spot and fell asleep for about 30 minutes.

Self portrait of Ocean and myself in a reflection on my truck.

Deer are very common in our area. It’s unusual to go a day and not see one, or three.

All these years and I never saw this waterfall before. I had been all around this area many times before, but missed this particular trail until now.

This was a beautiful hike that spanned over 7 miles with 1600 feet of elevation. When we got back, we didn’t realize we were hiking for 5.5 hours. We quickly drove to the nearest taqueria to fill up.

Ocean, observing some plants at one of the local peaks.

Born, raised, and living along the California coast my whole life is a blessing. I know how lucky we are to have unlimited access to the coast and trails here, despite the “resort tax” (which is what I call the high cost of living here). I’ve managed to make it work by living well below my means and keeping to a simple life. I hope you enjoyed this little view into how we spend our time outside of the office.



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